Directions To The Hospital

I checked my email first thing this morning and BAM! there in my in-box, from Mrs. Girl, were instructions on how to get to the hospital when the time comes for FB* to be born.

It gave me a thrill.  This thing is gettin’ real, y’all.

Not that it isn’t already, but you know how you anticipate an event, but you are still a ways out, it doesn’t seem as real as when it’s THISCLOSE!

We are getting sooo close.

The email was a delightful missive of where snacks could be located while we wait, where we should meet, and what might be expected on the birthday of our new little family member.  As I read, I was imagining the day and the steps we’ll take before it occurs.


Forgive me my giddiness, but this is my first grandchild and I can”t seem to contain the excitement.

I can’t wait to meet that little crumb-cruncher.

Mrs. Tucker loves you, baby!


*future baby

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  1. I don’t think the giddyness fades even if you have a big dogpile of grandchildren. When my water broke with Lillian, I called my parents at 2 am to tell them. Those fools were dressed, hair fixed, and wearing makeup and everything, and BEAT ME TO THE HOSPITAL. The nurses thought it was hilarious.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      hahahahaha. Wait, you think that’s weird?!

      I will most likely look a’fright (and you know I’ll post pics of that frightfulness for a lol), but I don’t think we’ll beat them there as we have a 4-5 hour car ride. BOOOOO!

  2. LoL Mrs. Tucker, Mine is due in three weeks now, and I have plane ticket bought and luggage almost packed….we almost thought she was going to make an early appearance but she is so far still happy swimming around in her MoM…


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