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Do You Feel You Have More to Offer?

People of OMT! and the INTERNETS, old and new alike!

( ▲ – dang that’s shouty)

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the indecision of what’s next?

You’d like to rebrand your life (not to mention a website)?

Are you at a crossroads in life?





Do you feel you have more to offer this world?

Are you an old/new dog yearning to learn new tricks?

Do You Feel You Have More to Offer?

(Dexter is swell, ain’t he? Love that mug.)

I’m here to tell you there’s an entire world of opportunity on the Internets – just waiting for you to open the tap on your unique brand of awesome sauce.

Mmmm, sauce…

If you follow my facebook page – you DO follow my facebook page, right?! – you saw this video:

Old/new dog, much?

That’s okay, mah baby, me too!

As I mentioned, I had a convo with an older friend and they asked about retirement.

NOPE! Not retiring. Can’t make me.

When asked further, I went into a long-winded (shocking – right?) explanation about how excited I am to be building an online copywriting business that is an extension of ALL THE WRITING I do ever’day anyway.

I ended with: I’m never retiring! There’s too much I want to learn and do. Don’t you have that drive, too?

No judgement if you don’t, but my guess is if you’re here, reading these words, you do.

No Netflix and retirement for you!

Isn’t it a glorious time to be alive? Age doesn’t matter when you run a business online.

Repeat after me: AGE DOESN’T MATTER!!!

Can you feel my excitement for you?

For me?

The trick (whether you’re old or new) is to figure out what you’re good at doing anyway, business or not.


Building cat toys?


Building businesses?


Rafting with cats? (Don’t roll your eyes, Missy! There’s a niche for practically everything.)

After you figure out what you’re ALREADY doing for free, that’s where the gold is.

Next, you take time to understand if you’ll offer a service (like me) or a product (< oooo, that’s me too!).

After that, you build a website to feature your services or products, and they will come (well, you’ll have to do some work to direct folks to your shiny new joint, but you’ll be on your way).

What if you have an idea, but feel like the oldest of dogs because you don’t know what to do when?

It’s gonna be okay.

You’ll learn a new skill, then build on each new skill, until you arrive at your dream non-retirement suite.

Trust me. I’ve done it and so can you.

You’re smart. You’re full o’wisdom and experience. You’re gonna be the envy of your peers.

If you’ve decided you want to blaze a new online trail, that you don’t want to retire (or maybe you can’t retire), you’ve found a friend in me.

Let’s have some fun together, shall we? Let’s kick some old/new dog ass!

Are you in?



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Christie Hawkes

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

I'm nearing retirement from my first career, but definitely want to do something new. I'm not thinking of it as retirement so much as re-creation. I just haven't quite figured out what it looks like. I love all things related to wellness and mindfulness, and I love writing, so that's probably the direction I'll go. Of course, I need to be free to travel, so WiFi and internet will be my best friend. Thanks for the encouraging post!

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

I tell people I'll never retire. I love what I do - why would I stop?

I know you'll find something amazing to do next!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.