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How to Know If It’s Your Allergy Meds or Carbon Monoxide

Seriously, that headline!

How to Know If It’s Your Allergy Meds or Carbon Monoxide – I’m sure you know by now, I have a story to tell…

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But first, this: First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm


(source: AMAZON)

Product Deets:

10-Year Alarm and Battery Life

* Continuous protection

* No Costly Battery Replacement

* Hassle Free Guarantee

Multi-Function Digital Display

* Carbon Monoxide

* Temperature

* Alarms when unit needs replacement

Easy Installation

* Wall mount or free standing

Large Test/Silence Button

* Mutes unnecessary alarms and tests alarm functions

Loud 85dB Alarm

10-year limited warranty

Weighs: 9.6 ounces

Measures: 8 x 2 x 6 inches

The Promised Story:

I attended an outdoor party at the height of Texas springtime allergy season and forgot to take my allergy meds beforehand.

Typically, if I forget my allergy meds, there is hell to pay in congestion, eye leakage (so. many. tears.) and sneezes.

Hell to pay, I tell ya!

Once home and indoors, I felt the effects of grass and oak pollen upon my deep sinus cavities and took said meds.

Funny Aside: I learned a few years ago that I have a weirdo body thingy that doesn’t allow me to metabolize drugs like most grown-ups. If the meds advise will cause drowsiness, it puts me to sleep for hours. Per my docs, I take the pediatric dose (I is a baby!), but sometimes I still feel the full effect.

The morning after the party, I awoke feeling like I needed to shake off a bad nap. It only got worse as the day progressed.

I fought staying awake.

~caffeine and face slaps here~

I counted the hours till I could crawl into bed again (how is it only 10 am?!)

…and then, I had a horrible no good thought: What if I was dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and Garry will come to find me ~gasp!~ DEAD?!

(yes, all my scenarios escalate quickly)

Thank GOD we had just purchased, yet hadn’t installed, a new carbon monoxide detector.

I made my way to the table in a drowsy haze, opened the package, followed the easy instructions and activated the alarm.

~has an alarm to blast alive the dead~

Then I waited for it to PROVE my theory of being swallowed by a silent killer.

Um, nope.

Just the temperature on the display, alerting me to the fact that it was a lovely 78° in my house.

(photographic proof on my OMT IG, dated May 1, 2018)

To Review:

~ First Alert makes a kickass alarm.

~ It’s easy to set up and use.

~ I have terrible allergies.

~ I am ridiculous.

~ I *think* that’s part of my charm and why you keep coming back here to see what the hell I’ve done now!

The alarm is currently sitting in the kitchen (I love that it doesn’t have to be mounted) and I laugh every time I see it.

Happy Shopping, Y’all!



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Lydia from Life Beyond the Kitchen

Thursday 3rd of January 2019

I had coworkers who were actually poisoned by carbon monoxide due to a faulty furnace. They'd been away on vacation and had no idea there was a problem. Fortunately, the husband realized something was wrong and dragged his wife outside where the neighbors called an ambulance. As you can imagine, everyone in the office bought a CO detector right away!

Patti Tucker

Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Holy Moly - that IS scary.

So glad it ended well. We gifted our children CO detectors for *our* peace of mind!

Donna Reidland

Friday 28th of December 2018

An important piece of advice!

Patti Tucker

Friday 28th of December 2018


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.