Dreams Are Hard Work

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Dreams are hard work.  Taking the first step towards your dream is usually the easiest thing you’ll do in the journey, but even that step takes a hard swallow and shaking off the what-if voices that may surround you.  Yet, as hard as that may be, it’s the slog in the middle that will have you questioning your direction and if your dreams are worth the unknown road you must travel in order to reach them.

The sunniest part of you, the optimist, will tell you to keep dreaming big, but there will be times that the darkest side of you, the pessimist, will make you feel small.

These days, my dream starts with one fun word:


As with most dreams, this one brings me to my knees regularly.  I pray for strength to accomplish that which I believe needs to be done in relationship to this space, my OMT! site that I have big dreams for. (Winston Churchill approves ending this sentence with a preposition!)

I pray for encouragement because I’m just a non-techie gal trying to learn the ins and outs of effective site-building, SEO words, increasing traffic, but most of all offering you something you value. Whether that’s the relationships you build here through community, or taking comfort knowing you’re not alone as you relate to the silliness on these pages, or just to get a simple smile or a full-on snort to start your day, I want to make this a place you love to visit, or more to the point, a place you luuuurv (that’s love with a side o’silly) to visit.

I pray that I remain open to whatever God has in store, for the wisdom to recognize the open door and the courage to walk boldly into a future that is so big that it scares the crap out of me.  Oooh, don’t worry.  I sometimes use words like that in prayer, but #1) I always apologize and #2) I then sheepishly point out to God that he made me, so he can’t be that surprised.

As with most prayers about this dream, I end with promising to work as hard as I knew how, to keep moving forward even, especially, if I feel blindfolded on a tightrope miles above the hard-packed earth, and to simply keep trying no matter how impossible this particular dream seems on some days.

I’ll try.  Doesn’t mean I won’t fail, but baby, I’m all in.

After one particular bad, no good, awful day, the very first thing I opened on my computer was Seth Godin’s blog and the tag line: Don’t Give Up (you’re on the right track)

I gasped. (go read it.  it’s short) I love a good God-goose.

In that moment, I was determined that not only would I find solace and keep learning, but I’d keep praying, and learning, and plugging along as if this daunting dream of mine was in fact, something I would achieve.

I’ve accomplished bigger things in my life, things I never dreamed possible, so why not this?

And if I can move the line of belief closer, so can you.

Let me offer to those of you who are dreaming of impossibilities too: I’m with you.  This sweet community is with you.  Let us encourage one another when we are feeling small.

No one said chasing the dream would be easy.  Knowing that, expecting the struggle, may be the one thing that keeps you chasing.

Dream on, my babies.




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  1. This one struck a chord and has given me great encouragement. At my age, I’ve let the dream(s) get buried by real life. Time to start dreaming again as I don’t think anyone is ever too old to dream. Thanks!

  2. Great words of encouragement! We should never forget to dream!!

  3. Oh Mrs. Tucker, I’m hooked! Now that I have commented on your blog I guess I am one of your babies, that works for me (even tho we are close to the same age) Loving catching up on what I have missed. Thanks for the reminder to keep dreaming.

  4. Hold the Office says

    Dreams are hard work! I found this article when I was looking at your site to see how you have set up your home page. I recently switched themes and it completely changed everything. I am very discouraged with the technology side of blogging — I thought the hard part would be the content. The content I have, but struggle with the site to upload it to:( I am glad to find your post because I was thinking of giving up! I am not sure it changed my mind, but it’s nice to know someone else has been in the same spot.


  5. I needed that this morning! Thanks for sharing… Emily @ nap-timecreations

  6. A girl’s gotta dream! Thanks for the pep talk! Taking the steps to see that dream become a reality can, probably will, be a tough row to hoe, at least at times.
    I’m up to my neck in learning new things on my blog as well. Your post was just what I needed today, thank you!

  7. Such a good reminder! Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

  8. Oh those “what if” voices! We all need to just turn them off, don’t we?

    New follower 🙂

    ~LuAnne @ Winterpast Moments

  9. Such an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing this with us at One Sharendipity Place this weekend!!

    Krys @thet2women.com

  10. This post has made my day. I am at a crossroads and i can not tell you how much you have encouraged me to keep at it. It will be a long road but totally worth it! Thank you!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Meredith, when I started this site, my main thought was : I want to be an encouragement to those who visit.

      So, thank you! You’ve encouraged me as much as I’ve encouraged you.


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