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Easy Roasted French Green Beans

Roasted French green beans sounds so, so, French, oui?

I love a roasted veggie, no doubt, but have found the veggies I’m not particularly fond of (like steamed green beans) are delicious when roasted.  I’ll actually go back for seconds.

Recently, on a trip to Boy’s, he made roasted asparagus, which I love any way it’s cooked.  To be honest, I never had them roasted, nor thought to roast them, until Boy presented the opportunity to try them.  I have made a note to self that when I visit Boy, I will be bringing asparagus (season permitting) because #1: I love when he makes me stuff I love to eat and #2: Husband won’t eat them.

They were perfection.  Heaven.  What’s better than Heaven?  They were easy to make!  Foolproof, even.

The fool shall present her proof!

After I got home, I started wondering about other veggies I could easily roast.  I already have a few recipes for veggies I like (the above potato recipe serves as evidence), but I wanted to venture out to veggies I might not normally buy.  Enter the roasted French Green Bean.

Husband lives for a good green bean.  Okay, maybe lives is too strong a word, but he do like a perfectly cooked bean, baby.  When I asked him what he thought about roasting them, he was game.

Fool’s Proof begins…..NOW!

Start with the obvious…green beans!

Easy Roasted French Green Beans

Lay them on a baking pan, single layer.  Make more than you think you’ll eat, cause you’ll eat more than you think you need.

Easy Roasted French Green Beans

Drizzle with a fine extra virgin olive oil and liberally sprinkle with kosher salt.

IMG_3005 1

Now take your hand and roll the beans forward and back to evenly coat with the drizzled oil and sprinkled salt.  Wheeee!

IMG_3007 1

Pop into a 425° oven and roast at least 15 minutes, which is how long I did mine in this shot.  They were tender flavor-heightened deliciousness.

IMG_3011 1

Next time (the rest of that giant bag of beans) I’ll roast a bit longer and I’ll also remember to snap the tougher ends off.  Didn’t stop me from hogging the beans that night, but in hindsight it will make it easier to throw down my piehole next time, like the refined lady I am.

See?  Foolproof!

These green beans make an easy addition, a healthy elegant addition, to any meal.  Especially if you take the time to actually serve them from a platter instead of a cookie sheet (once again, it was get the shot before we devoured them straight from the cooking sheet).  I’m definitely going to make these throughout the year, but especially for our holiday table.  Maybe I’ll find someone else in my family will be a roasted veggie convert like me.

Happy roasting, y’all!


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Monday 10th of November 2014

I just popped over here from today's post about easy and delicious sides. How's I miss this? I read you all the time! Whatev.....I've pinned! Dona

Patti Tucker

Monday 10th of November 2014

HOW, DONNA?! Lol! If you're like me, um, you forget thangs from time to time. ;)


Thursday 4th of September 2014

I have been roasting a lot of green things lately - zucchini, asparagus, green beans..... I do it the same way you do, except I add garlic salt to mine. Gives it that extra umph! I have also tried roasting with walnut oil. It was good on the asparagus but kinda strange on the green beans and zucchini. But then I tried sesame oil. OMG!

Patti Tucker

Thursday 4th of September 2014

Mmmm, the sesame oil sounds amazing. Know what I'm trying next. Thanks!


Monday 1st of September 2014

The day someone told me about roasting asparagus - as boy does - was the best day of my life! (Okay, maybe BEST day is a bit strong!) but you catch my drift. And have you ever cut up chunks of red potato and prepped them like this, sprinkled with sea salt and pepper? Equally wonderful! I will try roasting green beans. I believe you about how great they'll be!

Patti Tucker

Monday 1st of September 2014

I have done potatoes that way, and honestly any other veggie I'm not thrilled about is up for a roasting experience.

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