Gone Weed Huntin’

Our yard, our beautiful lawn, gives us hours of enjoyment every year. Usually, I do a few things to keep everything growing and humming along, and the weeds to a minimum, but this year we have a weed bonanza that I simply can’t keep ahead of by manually pulling the aggravating interlopers.

So what’s a pesticide-hating gal to do when it’s apparent that’s exactly what she’s gotta do?

Well, we can compost, but at this point adding any organic material to the dirt is feeding the uninvited guests along with supplementing my turf.  I have already spent hours pulling and cussing the spread of this spring scourge.  I will add that we are experiencing a surge in construction near us and that is cause for some of the growth, and a colder winter is cause for some, as well.

Corn gluten was also suggested as a cure, but my go-to master gardener, Neil Sperry, advises otherwise HERE.

After checking in with Mr. Sperry, I decided to do a broadleaf weed killer.  It will save me hours of pulling and cussing and get my lawn back to its former glory.

The biggest culprit is the weed oxalis.  While it has a delightful yellow flower, it is my enemy!  I shan’t be swayed by your beauty, oxalis.  I SHAN’T!

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Enter my new sprayer (note: I have the roundup version…the one gallon tank, but this one got WAAAAAY better reviews):


Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Lawn and Garden Sprayer

(source: AMAZON)

Product Deets:

I have never used a weed killer on my lawn.  We’re the barefoot people that love to be outside, so I hate the idea of any pesticide on my feet (or Sweet E’s…or Dex’s).  That is why I’m only going to treat the front yard and only the patches of weeds…not the entire yard.

Still.  Gives me a side-eye to have to resort to a weed killer.  On the other hand, the right tool for the job, you know?

I can’t believe in all our years of being home owners, we have never used a garden sprayer.  Can’t say that any more.

What about you?  Have one?  Need one?  Gonna wait to see how it works for me?

Happy Eliminating the Enemy, Y’all!



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  1. lisa@princessmouseycards says

    Oh, I love a good week be gone recommendation. Thanks

  2. Joanie @ ZagLeft says

    I love my garden sprayer, it beats pulling weeds which I seem to be doing entirely too often 🙂

  3. pretty sure we need that ASAP! our yard is out of control!

  4. I don’t work in the yard, that is Tim’s job or more likely the next door neighbour who mows the lawn and such and yes we do pay him for doing so

  5. I don’t know if the garden guy uses a weed killer on the grass or not. I hope not, ’cause we’re always barefoot, too. In my garden (formerly Mom’s garden) I’m using vinegar on the weeds in the path. The wild oxalis, wild geranium, which has a pretty pink flower, something (I don’t know what) with some of the first flowers in the spring, a pretty white, and, of course, the ever lovely dandelion are the rampant weeds here. And moss everywhere!

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