Grandparents as Statistics

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Grandparents are fascinating and surprising, statistically speaking.

Ready to get your stats on?

Let’s do it!

* Becoming a grandparent is happening at a younger age43% became grandparents in their fifties, 37% in their forties.  The average age is 48.

* 10% of all grandparents have a tattoo.  Of what, they didn’t say.

* Grandparents are happenin’: 55% like to get there game on and play video games with their grandkids.

* The Internet is their playground: 75% are hanging around online, with 70% executing searches. Did you just get a gift from the grandparents?  Chances are the bought it online (63%) or saw your “like” on social media (45%).

The image of the bent-over wobbly grandparent needs a make-over.

* 43% of us are active either in a sport (!) or through exercise.  Take that whippersnapper!

This is what Sweet E’s granny looks like:

Grandparents as Statistics

* We like to hang out with each other and do fun stuff.  We spend $100 billion on entertainment and $77 on travel.  EACH.  ~faint~

Grandparenst as Statistics

* The rarest of grandparents: bloggers!  6% are out there, talking about you.

* Rarer still?  Marathoners.  We (yes!  Me!) come in at 3%.

* Money Bags, thy name is grandparent.  Grandparents account for 75% of the wealth in the US.

* We spend it like we got it.  52 billion is spent on just our grandkids.  Sweet little buggers.

* We also like to spread the love to our children.  62% of us have helped our children with financial support in the last year.  Things like daycare (or watching those sweet babies when asked), household needs, education and healthcare.

* Speaking of lending a hand with childcare: a whopping 72% take care of our grandchildren on a regular basis., which translates to 92% of us have changed their diapers.

* How many of us are there?  Grandparents account for 1/3 of the population.  ONE THIRD!

* We like to hang out with each other and do fun stuff.  We spend $100 billion on entertainment and $77 on travel.  EACH.  ~faint~

* Hope you like a grandma cliche.  86% of grannies bake cookies for their grandkids and kids every year.

* We love our families.  Period.  46% (me included) wish we lived closer to the kiddos. 81% (this better be me, too) keep their grandkids for part of the summer.

* We’re entrepreneurs. 25% of us have started our own businesses.

* We’re frisky.  38% of us have sex twice a week.   ~cue eyerolls and OH, MOM! from your children~

What should be your takeaway?  Don’t underestimate the old folks in the room.  We got it going on…in more ways than one! 


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  1. This is cute:) I’ll have to pass it along to my mom, or Nana as the grandkids call her!

  2. I am afraid that I still FEEL like the bent over wobbly granny. My kids call me ‘granny’. I am raising two of them. They are teens now. That is enough to make any 60+ year old feel bent over and wobbly!

  3. I’m 23 and I can’t even run a marathon! Impressed by YOU!

  4. This was fun and interesting ! And oh boy, so correct about spending on the grands. I have cut down now but when my first was a baby it seemed that I needed everything! Crib, playpen, little table top high chair, toys, books, on and on it went…! 🙂

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      I *just* bought a booster seat for when Sweet E is here. Didn’t want an actual highchair, so went with something he could grow into and then we can give away (or use for anymore!) after we’re done. And don’t get me started on books!

  5. Patti, this is GREAT. Thanks for helping to bust some of the stereotypes out there! ♥

  6. I am impressed with you too. I pinned it! Thanks for linking up at Saturday Dishes.
    Diane Roark

  7. If I have to age–being an active grandparent is where it’s at.

    thanks for collecting all these statistics – so fun to read through and say, “Yes! That’s Me!” I’ll be sharing this with my kids to let them know what a cool Grandma their children have.

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