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How To: Open a Bottle Of Champagne Safely

When opening champagne there is no need for anyone to lose an eye.

How To: Open a Bottle Of Champagne Safely


I’ve put together a fast and dirty tutorial, complete with videos!

Someone get the lights!

The professional!

The regular gal!

#1: Remove foil

#2: Find the “key” on the wire cage and twist open, keeping your thumb on the top of cork.

#3: No pointing bottle at anyone or any eyeballs!

#4: Once the cage is safely removed, place hand entirely over cork, while holding the neck of the bottle in the opposite hand.

#5: Point bottle away from you and start to slowly turn the bottle while holding the cork in place OR slowly turn the bottle while slowly turning cork in opposite direction.

#6: As the cork starts to come loose, keep slowly turning the bottle while slowly pulling the cork until you hear the soft POP!

#7: Celebrate your victory by pouring yourself a glass!


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