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clek fllo Car Seat

clek THIS!

Calling all grannies, grampies, mommas and daddies! My friend Amy over at Pregnant Chicken (well, she doesn’t really know we’re friends, but I’m hoping if she met me she’d wanna join the party) did an amazing review of a clek fllo carseat (yes, that’s all spelled correctly) and I wanted to share what I learned. …

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flat head, help, solution

Flat Head Syndrome

Um, what? Flat Head Syndrome?  What is it and who gets it? Who Gets It: Babies. What Is It: Positional plagiocephaly (pronounced play-gee-oh-sef-a-lee), flat head syndrome, happens when a baby’s head develops a flat spot from continued pressure on a particular area, like from sleeping on their backs. Show of hands…how many grandparents knew about …

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