A Fire Extinguisher Will Make You Safer in The Kitchen

Do you have an updated working fire extinguisher in your kitchen? If you don’t – WHY?! Having a fire extinguisher will make you safer in your kitchen, as well as throughout your home. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you […]

Do You Know The Facts About Drowning?

Did you know that most people imagine the act of drowning involves vigorous splashing and thrashing? You know – the Hollywood version of drowning with lots of dramatic screaming and struggling. FACT: It rarely happens that way. This post, one I offer once a year, serves to educate or refresh all of us on what […]

How To: Open a Bottle Of Champagne Safely

When opening champagne there is no need for anyone to lose an eye. DON’T LOSE AN EYE! I’ve put together a fast and dirty tutorial, complete with videos! Someone get the lights! The professional! The regular gal! #1: Remove foil #2: Find the “key” on the wire cage and twist open, keeping your thumb on […]

Perfect Drinking Companion: Breeze Breathalyzer

We’re all adults here and some of us imbibe in a drink with dinner, at Happy Hour or at a concert in the park when out with friends.  The trick is to know when enough is enough before getting behind the wheel and driving.  Personally, I never drink if I know I’ll be driving, not […]

clek THIS!

Calling all grannies, grampies, mommas and daddies! My friend Amy over at Pregnant Chicken (well, she doesn’t really know we’re friends, but I’m hoping if she met me she’d wanna join the party) did an amazing review of a clek fllo carseat (yes, that’s all spelled correctly) and I wanted to share what I learned. […]

Ask OMT! #2 Should Grandparents Speak Up?

You liked it, you really liked it…the inaugural ASK OMT!, that is! Onward to the second in the series. Here’s what I promise: * I’ll answer as honestly as I can. * I won’t sugarcoat or bs my way through the answers. * I’ll offer this caveat: Once some things are seen, they can’t be […]

Nest Smoke Alarm: A Better Mousetrap? UPDATED

IMPORTANT SAFETY UPDATE: You might wanna hold off on buying a Nest.  CLICK FOR INFO HERE. Have I ever mentioned that I ♥ Technology?  Well, I do! ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost […]

Required Summer Reading: Are They Drowning?

Summertime = pool time, lake time, get-in-the-water time.  It’s also the perfect time to bone up on water safety, particularly knowing how to spot someone who might be drowning. Do you think drowning looks like thrashing about in the water, yelling, kicking, and dramatic splashing? You’d be wrong.  Doesn’t look a thing like that.  And […]

Flat Head Syndrome

Um, what? Flat Head Syndrome?  What is it and who gets it? Who Gets It: Babies. What Is It: Positional plagiocephaly (pronounced play-gee-oh-sef-a-lee), flat head syndrome, happens when a baby’s head develops a flat spot from continued pressure on a particular area, like from sleeping on their backs. Show of hands…how many grandparents knew about […]

PSA of The Day: Securing Furniture with Wall Anchor Straps (UPDATED)

Do you remember this post about Meghan’s untimely death at the age of three, after she was found under an unsecured dresser in her room? Kiddos die from falling furniture?  Horrifying.  Even worse?  I found this startling statistic: According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child dies every two weeks as a result of […]