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How To Sleep Like The Angels

I’m going to ask a favor.

Don’t let the quality of the following Amazon stock photo scare you away.

These pillows make me so happy to climb into bed every night – and I want you to hear (read) me out.

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Beautyrest Black


(Source: AMAZON)

Do you wrestle with your pillows all night?

If you’re like me, you fall asleep fine (sooo, fine!), but once you roll over and take your pillow with you – the fight is on.

Suddenly, you’re plumping, pulling and repositioning, trying to find the least objectionable jenga formation, so you can go. back. to. sleep. (then maybe wake a few more times to start this nonsense all over again).

Sound familiar?

My whole bedtime life has been about the struggle to find pillows that keep me comfortable through the night.


Thankfully, these Beautyrest Black pillows are changing my mind about how happy you can be with a simple fluffy headrest.

I sleep like the angels. If angels sleep. Anyone?


The first night I threw them on the floor and decided they wouldn’t work. I was disappointed. I wanted them to work, but they didn’t. Waa!


The next night, I gave them one more shot because I was already using a Beautyrest Black for a body pillow and I LOVED THAT SWEET FLUFFY CLOUD. (not yelling, just allowing you to feel my devotion to the pillow).

The second night went off without a hitch. I was hooked and have sleep soundly and without neck pain (BIGGIE) since.

Product Deets:

~ 400 cotton thread count cover

~ 2-inch Gusset (they are like a large rectangle)

~ Machine washable

~ Dacron® Comforel® fiber fill

Since purchasing, sleeping soundly and realizing that you too might suffer from pillow issues, I had to write a post to at least give you the option of knowing what I know: the illusive comfy pillow is out there!

When you read the reviews, it appears that some hotels use the Beautyrest Black series.

Smart hotels.

Have you ever gone to a hotel, had a great night’s rest and had to know what products they use (bed/pillows/linens)?

Now you know.


When I climb into bed at night, and lay my head upon these marvels, I’m so happy. I know I’m going to be comfortable and that when I do roll over, it’s as simple as, um, rolling over. There’s no more pillow-fighting (of the worst kind) going on.


The first night, when I threw the pillows on the floor, they seemed a bit warm. Like anyone needs one more thing to make us hot (sooo, hawt!).

Yet, after that first experience, I haven’t noticed it again. I chalked it up to my innate hotness that night (I think Garry would agree 😉 ), but felt I should mention it.


The pillows offer me comfort and support, so that I’m not waking up with neck pain.  While supportive, they have such a fluffy persona, without being fluffy or flat.

You lay your head down and your head is like: FINALLY!

My body pillow has lost a bit of the loft since I’ve had it, but nothing out of the normal range. I expect the others to follow the pattern.

Truly, madly, deeply, they are the best pillows I’ve ever slept on.

~ off to buy 100 more ~

Hope this helps you on your pillow hunt.

Go. Buy. Sleep like the angels.

(if angels sleep…anyone?!)

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Wednesday 12th of September 2018

For several years I have slept on a "My Pillow" and absolutely adore it (zero complaints), but after reading your testimonial on the Beauty Rest Black pillow, am strongly considering ordering a 2-pack to try since the cost is less than a My Pillow.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

I have heard good things about the My Pillow. Maybe I'll try that next!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.