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Is Life Too Hard? How To Make It Easy(ier)

Is life too hard?

Is it comin’ at ya with windmill arms, beating you down with every flailing turn?

We’ve all been there, baby.

Is Life Too Hard? How To Make It Easy(ier)There’s gotta be a secret to this life thing, right?

How do you make the hard easy when you have no flippin’ idea what you’re doing?

Hang on – I’m going to tell ya!

(it’s so easy, you’re gonna windmill your own danged self)

You befriend people that know how to make easy what’s hard for you.

And just like that, you make a hard life easier.

Bribe them, if you must.

Make them a a cake.

A bubbly bottle of Champagne is a nice touch too.


You find these elusive (we ain’t so elusive…GOSH!) knowers of thangs and see if they have an easy help (like a useful blog full of free info. Hello, OMT!) or product that would work for your hard.

~ Ahem ~

Here’s what happened on my other site:

~ I had a flash sale on my 25 Helpful Things to Know When Building with WordPress – PDF (< dat easy PDF can turn you into a website buildin’ maniac, if you so desire.)

~ I was a happy camper thinking of those who were on their way to building a site when they were previously convinced that site building was all drunken backroom coding and neekid dancing around a fire.


~ My balloon got popped when it was mentioned that it wasn’t the building part that was hardest (for this person), but the copy part of the website.

Oh, my.

[Tweet “How do you make the hard easy when you have no flippin’ idea what you’re doing?”]

Which brings us full circle to how the hell to make the hard easy.

Copywriting, when done effectively, is hard work, yo.

There are nuances to be teased, not-so-subtle anvils to be pushed off a cliff onto a coyote, and a general Mighty Mouse feeling of saving the day.

Writing is not for everyone, just like bear wrestling isn’t (is SO a thing).

When you can create the bones of your site, but needy the words, find someone who can help with that part.


So, where is my copywriting product? Where is my making Kat’s hard easy?




My product is me and my ability to string convincing, funny, come-along-with-me words together.

And your product is you and whatever is your superpower. It might be building, growing, dismantling, or a million other superpowers.

Yep, just like I’m someone’s hard made easy, so are you.

Whatever it is you are better at than most, make that. Make people’s hard easy because they know you have important information or a product that will fill their needs.

Economics 101: Find a need. Fill the Void. Make it rain.

Doesn’t have to feel unclean or smarmy.

Think of the things that make your hard easy. Are ya thinkin’? Now, aren’t you grateful for those helps (no matter if it comes from a solo entrepreneur or a corporation – they be helpin’!)

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Sunday 10th of June 2018

Love your thoughts--"don't judge, let's be judged!" I usually listen folk music whenever I feel that life has become bit hard.

Patti Tucker

Monday 11th of June 2018

Music for coping is perfect - you know if you pair with cake ;)!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.