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What’s a nicer gift to give a new parent than peace of mind when their baby is sick?  That’s exactly whet you get with the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer: the gift of quick and accurate information.

I originally wrote about this product back in 2013 and can’t tell you how many thermometers I have given as gifts since.  It truly is my go-to for all new parents.

When Boy was an itty-bitty and suffered from chronic bronchitis, taking his temp was a challenge. It was either by armpit as a baby (I never felt comfortable with checking by way of the nether regions) or by mouth as a youngster. Both ways left me wondering if I got an accurate reading.

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Right before Sweet E was born, I was shopping and found a techy thermometer on sale: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer. I picked up the package and read the details, side-eying the amazing claims, but threw it in my basket anyway. Why? I figured if the truth lived up to the hype, then I had just discovered a thermometer miracle.

As soon as I got home, I Googled the product (what did we do before Google?!) and the reviews had me at “Best Baby Care Product.” So, I did what any grandma-to-be would do: I took it to Boy and Girl, so they wouldn’t ever have to struggle with Sweet E’s temp-taking.

Exergen Thermometer(source: Amazon)

All you do is turn the thermometer on, swipe across baby’s forehead and read the temp.  That simple.

How do I know?

#1) Boy advised that they have already used it on Sweet E and it worked like it was designed/promised.


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  1. I need this for my HUSBAND. Yes. Thats right… the “man” of the house. He’s a giant baby when he gets sick and refuses to use a more traditional thermometer.

  2. I have a great thermometer that I just hold against the face and is super easy to use, I am so glad we have moved on from the standard thermometers that you place under your tongue although I do still have one of those but I prefer the hold against the face one much easier to use with young children and big babies

  3. I need one of these ASAP!! Thank you for the reminder.

  4. I had this and I loved it! Then it started reading temperatures much lower than they really are. (Wanna see someone freak out? Tell them their temperature is 95.5 degrees when they are feeling sick…) I’m guessing I should just get a new one and I probably won’t have any issues.


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