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My Joy of Cooking

A good cookbook is more than a collection of recipes, it inflames our infatuation and devotion to food.  This is exactly how I feel about my copy of The Joy of Cooking.

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Ah, The Joy:


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Here’s what the Library Journal has to say:

Since Rombauer’s death in 1962, subsequent editions by her daughter, Marion Becker, have expanded the scope while attempting to preserve the conversational tone. Now the sixth revision may indeed have a new and different essence; detractors attack the inclusion of exotic dishes as a betrayal of Rombauer’s homespun intent and claim that her accessible voice is gone. Yet this revised American classic is essential. The recipes are still unfussy, e.g., a simple tapenade uses ordinary canned olives. No matter how far the new Joy has altered its initial purpose, it remains one of the most complete, all-purpose cookbooks available. Since a majority of the old recipes are gone, however, both past and current editions belong on the shelf.

I never had the original Joy of Cooking, so I can’t speak to that book, but I can speak to this one.  It’s one of my go-to cookbooks whenever I want to try something new.

Since its original publication, Joy of Cooking has been the most authoritative cookbook in America the one upon which millions of cooks have confidently relied for more than sixty-five years. It’s the book your grandmother and mother probably learned to cook from, the book you gave your sister when she got married. This, the first revision in more than twenty years, is better than ever.

Yep.  I have so much confidence in this book that I’ve given it to many a new cook.

It’s full of extras, too.  It includes sections on cooking methods and knowing your ingredients, along with entertaining and diet and health info.  Of course, there’s the ever popular section in my house: Cakes, Tortes and Cupcakes.

My book has at least 10 bookmarks in place, pointing me to new recipes to try.  I pick up the book, flip a few pages, BAM! adventure!

If you’ve ever wondered if the hubbub matches the utility of this cookbook, the answer is YES!

If you love food, if you love interesting tidbits offered along with your recipes, this is the cookbook for you.

I know a lot of you love to cook/bake/read like I do.  Share your fav cookbook with us.

I could always use more reading material!



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Tuesday 8th of September 2015

Mt Joy of Cooking is so dog-eared, food-smudged and falling apart. But it saw me through those early years of trying to figure out how to cook for a family and for social dinners. soupts to main coursees to desserts to everything in between. Now, cookbooks are more specialized. I love Alice Water's Vegetables. Each chapter is dedicated to one vegetable. She talks about how to buy the vegetable--when it's over-ripe, under-developed and just right; how to cook it simply and then she gives recipes for more elaborate use. It isn't necessarily vegetarian. Some of the recipes include fish, fowl or meat.

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 8th of September 2015

Oooo, I love a new cookbook suggestion. Thanks!


Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

This cookbook is seriously probably one of my favorite wedding gifts that we received. 15 years later and it is by far my most used/most loved cookbook.

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Exactly! Other than my Julia Child cookbook, this one is my continual go-to.

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