A Taste of Summer

These bars were a huge hit with pretty much everyone I shared them with the first time around and I didn’t want the summer to pass us by before sharing the recipe again.

I likey buttermilk. I am fond of plucking a lime from my tree to stuff into my beer. I adore shortbread. Combine all these lovely tastes into Buttermilk Lime Shortbread Bars and you’d think I’d be in heaven. I mean look at these badboys (they were topped with powdered sugar before we ate them, but I wanted you to be able to see the limey goodness).

Buttermilk Lime Shortbread Bars

Sometimes you win with a recipe and other times you walk away with a “Note to self: Meh.”

The shortbread was delish, as most shortbreads are. The taste of the limey topping was light and summery. It was the gelatinous custardy texture that threw me off.

They smelled divine…they tasted like cool refreshing lime…I just couldn’t get past the texture. But, not everyone felt that way. I had a taker who wanted all the leftovers in her to-go package. She LOVED them.

Even though I know I’m a finicky eater, I understand most folks don’t have texture issues when eating (I’m such a three-year-old sometimes!), so I’m sharing.

You can find the recipe over at my BFB’s site (she has no idea we’re best foodie buds): Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

If you pop over, tell her Mrs. Tucker loves her (but please don’t mention I didn’t like her lime bars).

Happy Baking, Y’all!


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  1. These look SO good! I Love lemon and like anything. Definitely pinning.


  2. They look delicious Jann! I don’t mind a gelatinous texture at all so I’d love to try them!

  3. oh my goodness these look tasty! I wish I was a more skilled baker. Passing the recipe along to a friend! 🙂



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