October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month!  Yep, these sweet babies get an entire month of love and why not?  They need us; we need them.  Get to adopting!

Every single dog we have brought into our home has been a shelter baby, or a foster, as in Dexter’s case.

Dexter, oh our sweet Dexter.

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

For those new here, Dex is our almost 5-year-old pup. I like to call him our empty nest pooch. Boy calls, asks what’s new, and gets regaled with the latest Dexter silliness. Yep, we’ve become those people.

Husband and I love our animals and after Percy passed (our beloved dog before Dex), we just couldn’t bring ourselves to consider another dog. It was the first time in our married lives that we were dogless. That long sad spell lasted two years.

Then one day, Husband and I spied a scared blonde pup hugging the back of a crate at a PetsMart foster event. We were told he was the last of his litter-mates. The rest of the pups had been wiggly and slobbery; Dex not so much. He was cautious and worried and overwhelmed. We were told he would be hard to place because he lacked typical puppy behavior.

Husband was smitten from the moment he pulled Dex out of the crate. Me not so much. My heart was still broken over Percy. I didn’t want a puppy. Not yet.

But, how could I deny Husband’s love, and need, for this freaked-out baby? I couldn’t.

Dex was ours the next afternoon. There was no time to think. No time to reason with Husband. No time to build my case for a no.

Husband’s heart was ready for Dex, so we adopted another pound puppy, in a long tradition of bringing home mutts.

The thing is, Dex turned out to be the best thing to mend my broken heart. In the beginning I resisted, but once Dexter was in our home, once he looked to me for protection and comfort, my heart was his.

I give you Dexter, and defy you to not love him, too.

First Day Home: Not sure what is happening.

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Unsure of the yard. His new yard!

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Turns out, after he warms up, he lets me put stuff on him and poops out magic tennis balls. Handy!

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
I knew putting things on him as a pup would payoff! Dexter humors me, but is not amused. Where is that wascally wabbit?!

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

To offset his annoyance, I offer to play ball. The tail indicates he’s in.

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

While he loves to play ball, he refuses to lift weights with me. STOP ASKING!

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Working at home can be a challenge. Some days, I read my essays to him as I laugh hysterically, amusing myself with my cleverness. Dexter gives it to me straight. Meh.

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Fine, not funny.

But some days I hit paydirt! HA! I knew that was funny!

October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Regardless of his shaky beginning, I think you can see how Dexter has blossomed. He’s confident, smart, playful and most of all loves us with everything he’s got, as we do him.

Turns out he was the right pound puppy at the right time. I can’t imagine our lives without him and I almost missed out on the fun.

If you’re considering a new addition to your family, I highly recommend rescuing a dog from your local animal shelter or foster family.

Who knows, while you think you’re rescuing a dog in need, maybe you’ll be like me and your pup will actually rescue you.


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  1. My husband and I are considering a second dog, we have a 2 year old golden at the moment, so this is getting me really convinced!

    xox Alice

  2. We adopted our dog, Birdie, from the city of Dallas shelter. Best. Decision. Period. She has been a dream dog on every level.

    • With every new dog we bring home we say: This one. This is our best dog ever. We’ve loved them all. So happy to know you got your dream dog from a shelter. I thank you and I’m sure, you pooch thanks you!

  3. As soon as we buy a house a dog is the first thing my husband is going to go looking for! (and a grill.)

  4. This made me smile and almost tear up a little bit…Dogs are truly amazing creatures…They’re the best!

  5. My boyfriend and I have two dogs, both of which we rescued from the shelter. They are the greatest!

  6. We did too. He’s a complete goof ball:) He was nearly dead (starved) as a puppy. We got him at about 10 weeks old. It was the first time I heard my husband speak baby talk. He really is a good dog even if he does eat my garden gloves.

  7. I totally agree! Shelter dogs, found dogs, rescue dogs are the best! Not only do you get a wonderful addition to your home, you also get to feel good about yourself.

  8. Haha magically poops tennis balls! LOL

    Dogs are such beautiful creatures! We got our pound puppy last year, she was 2 and I can’t figure out why no one snatched her up! She is the sweetest little thing that we all definitely needed…and yes she rescued us! I think it’s fun to watch her and hubs run around outdoors, he’s not a particularly silly dude but when he plays with the pup he is incredibly goofy!

    • I LOVE when someone catches the little funnies! I also love hearing about our big guys being ridiculously silly with our pups. So sweet. Yay you for rescuing that sweet baby. She was meant for you and you for her.

  9. You know this is a topic that i hold near and dear to my heart. We have 7 animals (6 that are rescues, with varying stories). One cat was left in a UHaul (thank goodness it wasn’t summer), another came from a hoarding situation. Two were born at the shelter to a pregnant kitty whose owner didn’t want kittens. One of our dogs came from a shelter down South…I assume her time was up, and a shelter here had room. She’s our Southern belle. She was abused, and won’t look you in the eye, but is so loving and protective. The last dog I don’t know much about her history, but she is great. And of course we have one non shelter one. Your Dexter sounds like a sweet pup!! He’s so handsome!

    • Seven! Wow. You have definitely a house full of love with those rescues. On behalf of everyone who wished more folks would consider a rescue animal: THANK YOU! (dex is a sweetie!)

  10. When our kids were younger I was one always bringing home cats and puppies from grocery store give aways. When I’d get home the kids would say “oh Mom, not another one. We had Mom/Dad dogs that had big litters of puppies, I never wanted to give them away. They’d be 3 and 4 months old. When we lived in KY hubs would wonder how many strays would be staying when he’d get home from the road, (he was trucker). We lived out in country so people would drop their dogs/cats off by our house. Hubs used to say there was sign on our house only cats/dogs could read, come on over we love animals. We’d fatten them up, take care of them then they’d disappear if I didn’t find homes for them. Maybe original owners came back for them, lol. Not sure our regular shelter dog we adopted from Helena, MT shelter appreciated me keeping so many animals but she adjusted. We adopted a barn kitten that showed up in our yard one Saturday, we still have him, think he’s about 12 at least now.
    We have a black lab/border collie we got at a PetSmart adoption fair almost 5 yrs. ago, he’s almost 6 and is our little boy. He is so precious to us, it’s like he’s a real child. We’d had a black mini cocker spaniel we’d had since she was 4 months old and lived to be over 14. She got to do some traveling with us. From MT to KY to CO and all over US and some of Canada in hubs truck. It was very hard when we had to put her down, she’d had an immune system problem for long time
    . I wasn’t ready for another dog for quite a few months til we went to PetSmart that Saturday and came home with Tommy. We were on our way there when our Grand daughter called us to tell us she’d found us a dog, not quite what we were looking for, but when I looked at that frightened face and that skinny body we had to take him home. He’s so smart, so special, so loving and sweet, funny too. Him and our cat get along fine and they watch out for our 5 chickens we took when a neighbor of our daughters was moving earlier this past summer. We have almost 1/2 acre out in country. We enjoy all our furry, feathery kids and love each and every one of them, even the 2 mean chickens.
    Happy weekend and Fall

    • Those of us who love a sweet furry face have a hard time imagining those who do not. It sounds like you nurtured and loved too many to count…so many babies! Each one of ours has held a special place in our hearts, as I know yours have. I don’t know who’s luckier: the adopters or adoptees.

  11. So sorry , forgot to tell you Dex is so adorable. Who could not want to have that little guy to hug/love on?
    They are so special and so loving. My mother in law told me once I loved our dog more than I love my kids. Well sometimes maybe, lol. She was referring to the cocker spaniel. She wasn’t a dog lover.

  12. I’m just overwhelmed at this post. So gratifying to see someone of your status advocate for creatures who ask so little from us, give so much in return, but are so often overlooked. THANK YOU!
    Rescue pets only for us, always, since Day One! Our current is a lab-shep mix, taken from a hoarder. She’d been tied to the carcass of a car tending eight puppies in a hole she’d dug for herself. Today, she weighs thirty pounds more and asks nothing other than to lounge on her side of the couch, enjoying every comfortable second of her new life with mommy and daddy in her sight.
    I sympathize with those who have lost a pet and claim they cannot accept a replacement. But I say that the best way to honor that good memory is to give a second chance to another – a living testimony to the joy that the honored pet brought to a family!
    And finally, it occurred to me one day that humans are the only species who will take in another, knowing full well that their hearts will someday be broken by loss, yet are are so loving and unselfish that the same thing is repeated over and over again!

    • Dex was a field puppy when he was caught. His mom had dug out a hole under an abandoned trailer to protect her pups. He was the last to be caught because he didn’t trust the food or tricks to catch him. I love him even more because of that. He was one freaked out little ball of fur when we brought him home, but as you can see, he adjusted to our shenanigans!


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