Protecting What You Gots

As I write, my phone may or may not be turning itself off all by itself. This weekend it refused to alert me to anything incoming, even though it was clearly in the mode for alerting me for everything.  It’s a smartphone, yet over two years old, at the end of its natural life, which means it’s TIME TO UPGRADE!

Some of you may remember when my Blackberry was dying and I was trying to make the decision which way to go with a new phone, plus the decision on whether or not to ditch my contract and go with a no-contract plan (Sprint vs Boost: Part One, 6 months later).  Yep, it was that long ago, back when folks still loved their Blackberries.

I have narrowed my choices down to two contenders: the Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB with sd card or the iPhone 6 64GB (I’m with Boost Mobile and they are currently out of stock on their iPhones, so I’m waiting to see if they’ll get any in any time soon).  Please, refrain from any infighting over android vs iOS, because I live with a geek family divided and I have heard it all.

Either way I go, I’m a phone-dropper and I’m going to need to protect what I gots (gets).

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Enter Rhino Shield for either phone!

It’s, um, Rhino Tough! Or at the very least, hammer tough!  Look at this!

Rhino Shield to protect your smartphone

(source: AMAZON)

Like I said, I’m a dropper.  A klutzy fumbling dropper.  I’m gonna need this shield.  My guess is you could benefit from it too.

My SIL informed me that she uses it on her iPhone, and while she hasn’t drop-kicked her phone, she has had it in her lap when driving and forgotten about it as she exited the car, thereby dropping it from the seat.  All good.  No breaky breaky.

Yes.  I’ll need this Rhino protector.  Yes, I’ll be purchasing one or the other (one day I’m convinced I’m getting a Galaxy, the next an iPhone).

And, I can see how you could need this too, how this could simplify your life too, if you have a smartphone.

So here you go.  (any one else want to take a hammer to a phone now?!)


Happy Protective Shopping, y’all!



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  1. I am a phone dropper also but have been super lucky! My daughter on the other hand has the worst of luck! I will need to show her this.

  2. Wow! That’s unbelievable!! Pinning!!!

  3. I feel for you also being from a “geek house divided” on everything from Marvel vs. DC Comics to operating systems. The rhino shield looks awesome! I wonder if it is water proof? I seem to only drop my phone in sinks…

  4. It amazes me how many people will get a new phone and drop it the next day and shatter the screen, my sister did it, my daughter did it , my mum did it what the hell is with that

  5. Ooh! I’ve never heard of Rhino Shield. Good luck! I hope it works as well as that picture!!!

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