10 (plus 2) Things My Father Taught Me

I wrote the original 10 Things post about some things my dad taught me back in June of 2013 and thought I’d share it again with the addition of two more thangs. #11: Daddy taught me the importance of a trusted friend. Because he was in the public eye, surrounded by lots of folks, my […]

10 (plus 2) Things My Mother Taught Me

I originally wrote this post about my mom (aka The German, and yes, she knows that I refer to her as such) in May of 2013.  As I reread it, I thought I’d add two more thangs, one of which will not be how I vex her by doing things like this in most photos: […]

10 Things My Father Taught Me

Daddy and I were kindred spirits in so many ways, yet in as many others we were were diametrically opposed.  He passed when he was 60-years-old and I had a young family.  I’ve missed him many times over the years and am grateful for all he taught me. 10 Things My Father Taught Me 1) […]

10 Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother, The German, and I rarely saw the world through the same prism.  She was German; I was American.  She was ladylike; I was a tomboy.  She only cursed in German; I cursed in three languages.  She insisted my brothers be coddled; I insisted she’d lost her mind.  She never spoke of politics or […]