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Mason Jar Shaker

Mason Jar Karma

Oh, Mason Jar!  You got me; you win.  I surrender to all things mason jarry. As you know, I have a mason jar aversion.  I know it’s hard to believe and understand, but I just do.  Witness HERE, HERE and HERE. Suddenly, unexpectedly, shockingly, things got turned around.  Up was down.  Black was white.  No …

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Sun Art For Budding Photogs

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  CHRISTMAS IS COMING! You know, just in case you didn’t know. Photography has always been a topic of discussion in my family.  Either, I was teaching myself to shoot on an old-fashioned, non-digital, film-using SLR, or Boy was honing his talents with a fancy-schmancy digital, after igniting his affections with a pin-hole …

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Greeting Card Photo Phun

Nope.  Not drunk.  OMT still knows how to spell.  F-u-n.  Happy? Years ago, in the days before digital, I taught myself how to use a camera.  All these years lata, I’m still having phun with photos. Witness: I took this at a friend’s ranch. Don’t be fooled by those gorgeous eyes, this ostrich would have …

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smiling baby

The Glorious Gooey Center

Life is a ball of snapping rubberbands with a soothing center of delicious cream-filling.  I think of it as mostly sweet goodness with the occasion surprising sting. Last week, I got more than my fill of the glorious gooey center. Girl was returning to work and she asked me if I would consider coming for …

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lady standing holding baby

Nature or Nurture?

What makes us, us? Is it mostly genetics? I largely swing to the DNA side of the aisle because even when I’m trying as hard as I can not to, I hear The German and see The German in my idiosyncrasies.  Her “Oh my Got, Patti!” rings through the air.  I can’t escape it, people. …

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