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Coconut Palm Sugar: Hype or Hero?

Coconut Palm Sugar: Hype or Hero?

I’m not a faddish kinda gal, especially in the nutritional arena. In all things nutrition or otherwise, I subscribe to the moderation in everything way of life, except ridiculous, ironic and nonsensical laughs…I believe in an overabundance of those. For those keeping score, I have never given up carbs, drink or white sugar. Oh, white …

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text graphic: Is Honey Better Than Sugar

Honey vs Sugar

Sugar and I go together like cupcakes and brownie chunks, like Big Wheels and Radio Flyer, like pistols and vodka; we’re made for each other! I most like sugar in my morning coffee. So sweet and lovely. Like a wonderful kiss first thing in the day. Yeah – I like sugar. Then, Husband goes and …

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