10 (plus 2) Things My Mother Taught Me

I originally wrote this post about my mom (aka The German, and yes, she knows that I refer to her as such) in May of 2013.  As I reread it, I thought I’d add two more thangs, one of which will not be how I vex her by doing things like this in most photos: […]

“…we couldn’t shut you up.”

OMT! was born to a few things, one of which is writing.  Writing is as innate to me as running or cake eatin’. Rarely does a day go by that I haven’t put something to paper or computer file. As The German once said to me: Apparently, I gots lots to say, people. Probably doesn’t […]

Act Like a Lady

I was raised by a mother who insisted I be a lady. Or at least try and act like one. My mother was a transplanted German living in a foreign land, in a small West Texas town, trying to raise her daughters with some semblance of decorum. Bless her heart, she tried so hard. The […]

10 Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother, The German, and I rarely saw the world through the same prism.  She was German; I was American.  She was ladylike; I was a tomboy.  She only cursed in German; I cursed in three languages.  She insisted my brothers be coddled; I insisted she’d lost her mind.  She never spoke of politics or […]