Got Tortillas? Fill ‘Em With This.

Remember my first attempt to make tortillas?  Mmmm, homemade tortillas. So good. Well, you gotta fill them with something, right?  R-I-G-H-T! How about this deliciousness? I make this meat and potato filling a few times a month and we use it in everything from stacked tortillas to scrambled eggs.  It’s addicting! This was my plate.  […]

Homemade Tortillas With a HealthyTwist

Yes, tortillas with a healthy twist, just as long as we remember that everything is relative, mah Mexican Food lovin’ babies! I found a recipe called Healthier Soft Tortillas and thought: Why not?  I’ll pretty much try anything once. Curiously Odd Side Note on the I’ll Try Anything Once Statement: While trolling the freebie snacks […]