How To Clean Your Microwave Volcano-Style

Need a quick way to clean your microwave? Wanna make it fun, too? While I’m not a fan of cleaning, I am a fan of fun and this microwave cleaner is fun! Confession time: I don’t clean my microwave as often as I should. Do you? I mean, if the Queen of England was headed […]

How-To: Neutralize Funky Odors With Vinegar Hack

I’m *that* gal – the one that will extol the virtues of vinegar all day long. I have basically replaced most of my cleaning products and use the power of vinegar instead. Sure, it smells like you’re dying Easter eggs, but the vinegar-ness dissipates quickly and is safe to use. Especially if you need to […]

The Lazy Way To Unclog a Tub Drain

I have written about the virtues of vinegar before, but today I have a new trick that can save you some dough, keep you from buying harsh toxic chemicals that claim to work, but so many times don’t, and is easy to accomplish the results you’re after. Our main tub has a notoriously slow drain. […]