What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Learn How to Drive a Stick

Dear Sweet E, You gotta learn how to drive a stick, sweet boy. #1: Sticks, or standards, are the most fun vehicles to tool around in. Ask anyone who has ever driven one. #2: Learning how to drive a stick is a great metaphor for life. You haven’t properly lived until you’ve learned to drive […]

What I Will Tell Sweet E: Learn To Laugh At Yourself

Oh, my sweet little man, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you, as you grow into the world around you, is this: learn to laugh at yourself. As I wrote those words, a smile crept across my face.  I thought of the times in my life when I could have been […]

What I Will Tell Sweet E: Good Friends Will Carry You Home

Dearest Sweetest E, You’re gonna need friends as you stiff-arm your way through life; pick them well and they’ll be the lifeblood of your strength. Good friends make you believe you aren’t alone in the expanse of this world.  Good friends are there even when physically absent, hell even in death.  Good friends tell you […]