What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Find and Listen To Your Inner Voice

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Dear Sweet E, what’s an inner voice and where can you find yours?  Mrs. Tucker is here to help, baby.

For all my years, I’ve had a strong inner-voice.  Long before it became conventional wisdom to listen to that voice, I instinctively knew that I should pay attention as something important, something I couldn’t yet articulate, was happening.

Find and Listen to Your Inner Voice

The list of times I’ve been led in the right direction by my inner-voice is well-known to those around me.  To some, the fabled inner-voice is nothing more than a sign of mental instability or grandiose self-absorption.  To me, it is a combination of experience, intuition and God.

While the voice within me is strong and, well, vocal, to many it isn’t.  How does one go about cultivating that voice ?

Pay attention to body signals: There are lots of situations that beg for paying attention to keep us safe.

Do you know how to read other people’s body language?  Can you recognize when someone is upset or happy or irritated?  This is where experience helps.  Practice observing facial expressions and body gestures when around others to become familiar with dangerous situations.

Paying attention to your own body can be helpful, too.  Are you tense around, or move away from, certain people?  Is something about them making you feel uncomfortable?  Are you feeling unwell or exhausted, yet keep pushing yourself?  Is your gut telling you to rest, but you push the thought aside?  Signs of discomfort are part of our inner voice.

Listen to a combination of your intuition and experience: Sweet E, if I were to tell you that no one loved you, not one signal person in this whole wide world, would your first inner-reaction be: Oh, Mrs. Tucker, you cray-cray! You love me!   Or would it be: How horrible!  No one loves me?  Of course it would be the first, because your intuition is based on your experience of my endless love for you.

This also happens on a smaller scale when you hear/see/read something that doesn’t jive with what you know to be true, based on your life experience and intuition.  We tend to discount the smaller inner nudges. Don’t do that.  Listen.  Think. Ask yourself why you had that small nudge. They are as important as the big ones.

Trust:  Once you’ve found it, how will you know if your inner voice can be trusted?   For me, trust and God go hand in hand. I have faith that my voice is there to guide.  But, how did I come to that faith?  By searching my inner voice for truth.  Have I followed my inner voice to poor choices?  Has my inner voice served to help me make better choices?  If it’s the former, more quiet attention needs to be paid. If it’s the latter, BRAVO!  You’ve found your inner voice.

Finding and honing your inner voice is a skill-set; one must practice at listening and paying attention.

Once you do that, sweet boy, it will serve you the rest of your life.





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  1. The ability to cultivate then heed your inner voice is probably the most important thing we can do to help ourselves in life. It helps us guard against peer pressure, foolish risk taking, unhealthy choices and dishonest living. With your guidance, Sweet E will stand in good stead.

    • I agree; heeding our inner voice is crucial to good decision-making. That sweet little boy is gonna be flush with folks who will love him and guide him!

  2. I used to wonder how people could tell what I was excited about, then enrolled in a coaching program with group calls and the coach could always tell when one of the callers was really excited about something. It was their voice. When you are excited about something you can’t help talking on and on about it, your voice carries your energy to your audience. I love that you are thinking about how to teach sweet E to listen to his inner voice. What a great lesson.

  3. Such a precious boy. I believe the Holy Spirit uses our inner voice to guide us and give us wisdom in varying situations. The problem is when we let the world get so loud with its clamoring and unwise information. I find there are times I have to get away to a quiet place to make decisions or when I need guidance. Excellent post. Have a good Sabbath, Mrs. Tucker.

    • I, too, have had to withdrawl to clearly hear. That’s where running comes in. I’m out alone with only me and my thoughts. Very clarifying. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  4. I was raised in a very religious family. As I matured I found my own inner voice in relation to my relationship with God. My young years were full of guilt and self-hate. Thank God I found my way. Studying nursing helped hone my compassion and understanding body language skills. I am 75 now and probably happier than ever as a result of listening to that inner voice.

    • I love reading stuff like this. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. So many younger people struggle with self-worth and it is my belief that if they would stop listening to the world and listen to their own voice instead, many of the problems they face would work themselves out with less strife.

  5. This is so interesting. I think so many people ignore their inner voice or just don’t know how to focus on it. Great post.

  6. Thank you for this precious reminder! It seems sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to listen. and as mother’s its important for us teach our children about this inner voice of wisdom that we all have, I hope your inner voice is telling you – YOU ROCK, cause you do! 🙂 Michelle

  7. So glad that we hear YOUR voice, too.

  8. Amber Day Hicks says

    such wonderful advice & great intuition!!!


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