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When Everything Revolves Around Poop!

Yep. Poop.

Young mommies know what I’m talking about. I see you nodding.

Older folks know what I’m talking about. I see you nodding.

When I was traveling the unpaved, trip-you-up road of chemo, poop became a constant topic of discussion, because it’s directly related to good health, directly related to how well a body is functioning, and during chemo your goal is a well-functioning gut and pooper!

Am I pooping? Am I constipated? Are they healthy poops? Why so much diarrhea?

Poop Poop Poop!

When the subject was brought up to my doc, she advised taking a probiotic. Hmmm. I was skeptical, as I am with many of the new health rages that come barreling down the road, touting improved health in a few weeks.

So, I dismissed the benefit. Meaning, I didn’t take her advice. I didn’t even research probiotics; I was that resistant.

Then, after 4-5 rounds of antibiotics, more antibiotics than I had taken in 15 years combined, the intestinal distress could not be ignored anymore. My doc reiterated probiotics and I acquiesced.

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I started taking these:


 (source: Amazon, edits by OMT)

Let me tell you guys something: THEY WORK!

Yep, all caps. That’s something, right?

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Product Deets:

Here I am, much later, on the other side of always talking/thinking about poop (yet, still talking about poop), and I am a believer in probiotics. I no longer have to wonder if my irritated insides are gonna ruin my day, or worse, my actual runs, as in the kind that requires running shoes and shorts.

As of today, I feel confident that the probiotics are the reason things have solidified on the poop front! As a former Doubting Thomas, I am now a full-on convert. What about you? Any fun (ha!) or cringe-worthy stories to tell concerning probiotics?

While I am not a doctor, nor play one on the Internets, or should this be construed as medical advice, I’m offering my successful probiotic story, on the chance you’re looking for something that can help, um, your poop issues.

Happy healthy poopin’, y’all!



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Heather Jacobs

Monday 4th of January 2016

I am not young nor am I old, but worked in the health office at a school and got sick very often. I just started taking this and I haven't got sick but once and it was the week I ran out and for what ever reason the store was out and hadn't restocked. I can tell you I bought extras now so I don't run out and I am trying to get my kids to take it, as they get sick often as well. Being asthmatic and (all of us) having had pneumonia (it scares the lungs making it easier to get it again) getting sick isn't fun, only takes about 3 days before it turns into pneumonia for us. Thanks for sharing on Keep it Simple.

Patti Tucker

Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Love reading others experiences with products I love. Thanks for sharing, Heather.

Julie S

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

How long did you take them before you started seeing an improvement?

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Saw some improvement in a week, but at the two week mark it was noticeable that things were on the upswang!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.