A Best Buy: Kids’ Rocket Utensils

Sweet E got a set of Fred and Friend’s Kid’s Rocket Utensils for his birthday and loves them. On a recent visit, when asked which utensils he’d like to eat with, he picked this set regularly. A gift that was actually used! Success!

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Kid's Rocket Utensils

(source: Amazon)

That adorable little boy is NOT Sweet E, but the likeness to how E plays/eats with the utensils is uncanny!

Product Deets:

He also has the Souper Spoon and might love it as much as the rocket utensils.


(source: Amazon)

Souper Spoon Deets:

Fred and Friends. Invite a super hero to your table and any meal becomes mighty fun. Souper has posable arms and legs, just like an action figure, so he can soar through the Spaghetti-Os at warp speed. His bulked up sonic-sealed body and stainless steel head are fully food safe and washable. Clear gift box.

Anything Choochie can do to help get her sweetie pie to eat, gets done! Rocket utensils and Souper Spoon it is!

Happy Playing/Eating, my babies!


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  1. that’s awesome! especially when it’s a “not as fun” food to eat.

  2. Have no need for these but they look like they would work fine. All my grands are adults. Miss the little ones.

  3. wow. I will have to check these out.

  4. Cutisimo!! That last pic actually got a guffaw outta BB.

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