Glazed Donut Muffin

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Y’all. Baked goods done right.


Glazed Donut Muffin
This recipe from Lil’ Luna’s (< click dat link for recipe!) is yummolicious. (I wrote about this recipe three years ago and knew I should share it again. Because…you!)

She combines the happiness of a muffin with the crazy-lickability of a donut glaze and gives us Glazed Donut Muffins.

I threw two down my piehole faster that you could imagine.  Choochie likey.

The glaze was divine.  You dip once, let harden, then dip again.  A double-dip!  Tell me the kiddos won’t love that!

The muffins weren’t as donuty as I had hoped, but it didn’t slow me down much, while I ripped off the paper and nommed my way down to the crumbs.

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The recipe yields 12 muffins, but it gave me 14.  I was surprised, because the recipe calls for you to fill to the top, and I used a large muffin tin like this one.

Kid approved by Sweet E!  Girl is not a cake eater (the horror!), but I’m determined to find something cake-like that she’ll enjoy.  These muffins may be the golden ticket.

Happy Baking, y’all!


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  1. I am a little too sweet already, diabetic, but things sure look good. Keep baking gal.

  2. YUM. Pinning this to make in the future during a moment of weakness! These look amazing.

  3. Love your recipes!

  4. Pinned recipe. My mouth is watering thinking of this recipe!!

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