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Boost Mobile vs Sprint ~updated~

About 18 months ago I switched from the All Everything plan at Sprint ($120 plus change) with a Blackberry to a Monthly Shrinkage plan at Boost Mobile ($60 and change) with a Android.

The reason?

My Blackberry was dying and I needed a new phone.

My research lead me on a twisty journey that saw me trying an experiment with Boost that has paid off (THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT!).

I made several videos about how I came to my decision:

Video one:

Video Two:

Video Three:

Boost was the clear winner.

I am 18-months-post original purchase and I haven’t had one issue with my phone or service, other than running out of memory; a gazillion new grandbaby pics will do that!

Let’s do math! (who says OMT is all about cake?!)  These numbers are based on a typical 2-year contract with Sprint.

Year One savings:

Sprint @$120 x 12 months = $1440

Boost @ $60 x 6 months ($360), then $55 for the next 6 months ($330)= $690

Total savings first year: $1440 – $690 = $750 – $120 cost of phone = $630!

Year Two Savings:

Sprint @$120 x 12 months = $1440

Boost @$50 for 6 months ($300), then $45 for the last 6 months ($270)= $570

Total savings for Year Two: $1440 – $570 = $870!

In the first two years, I have saved a whopping $1500! ($630 + $870 =$1500)

Raise your hand if you could use an extra $1500 bucks.

Let me backtrack a bit and explain the Android Monthly Shrinkage plan at Boost.

#1) You purchase an Android from Boost.

#2) You start out paying $60 a month and for every 6-months of on-time payments, for a total of 18 months, your bill drops by $5 until you are only paying $40 per month.

I have just reached my 18-month mark and now only pay $40 plus tax until I am no longer at Boost, even if I change phones.  Same exact plan, different company.

Also, Boost uses Sprint lines to transmit their calls and data, so the quality is still as high as I was getting before.

I know, I KNOW!

It seems like a gimmick or that it’s too good to be true, but I am here to testify that I have lived this truth for the last 18-months and the fantasy of paying less for smartphones IS HERE!

If you watched the videos, you know that the phones are a few models behind the big providers, and that you have to pay for them up-front (they go on sale!), but it hasn’t been a hardship for me one bit.

Matter of fact, Boost has the Samsung Galaxy S III that I’m hoping Santa will bring me.

Soooo much storage for dem baby pics!

You can check out Boost’s coverage, or take a look at the phones, HERE.

Again, I am not getting paid for this post. I just love saving money, get giddy really, and wanted to pass along an amazing product and bargain to boot.

~ A gentle reminder: When you do your shopping on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much appreciated!~

If you’re close to the end of your contract or if you’re on the hunt already, go check them out yourself.

$1500 in two year buys a lot of grandbaby gear!

Or baking supplies.

Or some time on a beautiful beach…

Happy Saving!


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Monday 11th of November 2013

We are looking for a new service, so sick of the horribly high cell phone bills! We would want 2 phones; though. I wonder if they would still be better for 2?

Mrs. Tucker

Monday 11th of November 2013

Not sure, although it's worth checking out.

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Wow!!! That is amazing savings!!!! I hear a shopping spree for something you've always wanted!! ;)

Mrs. Tucker

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

It wouldn't be near as impressive if the service tanked, but since it doesn't, it's totally win-win!

Pary Moppins

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

That is a HUGE savings! We got off of contract plans a couple of years ago because they were just getting silly and all we use our phones for is talking and texting. Really, I could get by with a jitterbug but my husband would not be seen with me then :)

Mrs. Tucker

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Ha! I call, text, use ALL THE DATA!, send name it. I love to save, but only if it doesn't hurt. This doesn't hurt!

Megan @ All That Glitters

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

Thank you so much for this post! I am seriously considering switching!!

Mrs. Tucker

Tuesday 5th of November 2013

I was skeptical in the beginning, but I've never had an issue and am paying $45 (tax included) for my SAME EXACT SERVICE! Love saving a buck!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.