Need a Better Microphone for Your Online Audio Needs?

Online audio is where it’s at, Jack! If you are an online entrepreneur like OMT!, you know that audio is booming. There’s facebook live, IG lives, podcasts, music recording, and even conference calls. If you do any of the above, and I know you do, you are probably looking for a better microphone for your […]

Be Brave For a Friend Who Suffers

Being brave for a friend who suffers the loss of a child, either through miscarriage or a stillbirth is holy work. How, though? How can we possibly help when we shy away from talking about this stomach-churning topic? As women, we are known for our love of discussing all the things. Yet, when the words […]

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Or Is It?

Cancer. I profoundly hate that six letter word. It conjures fear, loss and uncertainty. There’s not one nice thing I can say about it. It devours monetary resources. It mocks future dreams and plans. It steals understanding of what the hell is happening to my body?! As of this writing, I am two-years and a […]

How-To: Neutralize Funky Odors With Vinegar Hack

I’m *that* gal – the one that will extol the virtues of vinegar all day long. I have basically replaced most of my cleaning products and use the power of vinegar instead. Sure, it smells like you’re dying Easter eggs, but the vinegar-ness dissipates quickly and is safe to use. Especially if you need to […]

How To Find a Yoga Video For Back Pain

Anyone struggling with back pain? Anyone try yoga videos, only to be disappointed? ~raises hand~ MEMEMEMEMEME! My history of searching for relief: I’ve used lacrosse balls for relief (love me some lacrosse balls). I’ve used chair cushions for relief (I sit a large portion of the day). I’ve tried using a weirdo ball chair. I’ve […]

Happy New Year, My Sweet Babies!

New Year’s Eve is here and the possibility of what is ahead fills us with wonder. I can’t let this day go by without thanking you. You guys are my extended family and I love you. You spend your precious time here with me and play along with my shenanigans and in return I hope […]

Merry Christmas!

On this Holy Christmas Day, I offer you an Irish blessing: God grant you lightness in your step, a smile on every face you meet, Loved ones gathered at your hearth, and at your door, good friends to greet A holy hymn upon your lips, a window candle burning bright, And may the Good Lord […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, Mrs. Tucker! wishes you and yours a delightful and filling Thanksgiving with family and friends. ~gobble gobble~ Let’s eat!   OMT! Recommends: No related posts.

What I’ll Tell Sweet E: Learn How to Drive a Stick

Dear Sweet E, You gotta learn how to drive a stick, sweet boy. #1: Sticks, or standards, are the most fun vehicles to tool around in. Ask anyone who has ever driven one. #2: Learning how to drive a stick is a great metaphor for life. You haven’t properly lived until you’ve learned to drive […]

Never Forget: Caretakers Take on a Unique Challenge

Caretakers, God bless them. They show up. They work. They handle the hard stuff like nobody’s business. They repeat the process until they are no longer needed. I am grateful for the caretakers that have graced my life, yet so often they are overlooked. My rallying cry: REMEMBER THE CARETAKERS!* (*kinda like the Alamo) While […]