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How to Make Breadcrumbs At Home Fast! {VIDEO!}


Today’s lifehack is one I use all the danged time!

Once I realized how easy this hack was, I never looked back.

If you’re short of time and can’t get to the store – this method to make breadcrumbs fast works!

{Video at bottom of post!}

No Breadcrumbs in the Pantry? How to make breadcrumbs fast!

Make your own breadcrumbs

Yep, you guessed it (cause, gosh darn it, you’re a smarty pants!): your rolling pin to the rescue.

That and a package of dried stuffing mix.

Using a package of stuffing mix means you also get to play around with flavors to compliment whatever you are breading.

No more boring breadcrumbs!

Win Win!

Get ready for the easy way to make breadcrumbs at home!

Never ever be caught short again.

This hack will serve you FOR LIFE 9as it has me)!

Packaged dried stuffing mix is amazing to make your own breadcrumbs!

How stinkin’ easy is it going to be?

So. Easy!

If you don’t keep stuffing mix in your pantry, you could also use this method with toasted bread.

I love an easy and useful life hack/kitchen hack.

Have you guys ever made your own breadcrumbs? (and had your husband film you while you pounded the stuffing outta, well, the stuffing ? ~snort~)

Happy Kitchen Hacking, Y’all!

Now to the promised video.

Someone get the lights! (sorry about the newby vertical filming)

Original post: April 24, 2017. Updated May 26, 2019

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My rolling pin to make this kitchen hack easy:

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Rest yer weary fingers.

Except to click on the image.

You still have enough strength for that.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.