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Dare To Dream

As an elder in society…AM SO!…I think it behooves me to learn new things about the world around me, to challenge myself, even if that means I’m uncomfortable. Coding makes me uncomfortable. Yes, the kind of coding used for computers, or blog design, or creating apps. It’s crazy to me that I should try and …

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What Do We Tell Our Children?

Bombings.  Murder.  Hatred.  Heartache.  Misery.  Bloodbaths.  Injustice.  Deceit. We walk and live among evil; it is unavoidable. When faced with grim realities, what do we tell our children?  What do we teach by way of example?  How do we share peace and love and understanding, so they may take it with them as they walk …

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Fightin’ Texas Mud Run, Grand Mudder-Style

I am saddened and angry about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, as most of you are, and I hesitated to post this joyful entry, but the runners I know keep on runnin’ when life gets tough.  So, I’m taking a page from the runner’s manual and I’ll keep on runnin’.  I hope you do …

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