Chocolate. Brownie. Cream. Cheese. Frosting.

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Some days nothing but a frosted brownie will do.  Hello, lover…


Yep, some days require a little one-on-one time with some quality chocolate and a generous dose of cream cheese frosting.  Hello, darling…


The dirty little secret here, is that sometimes I bake from a box and add a splash of my own homemade signature ala Sandra Lee. Sure, there might even be a little imbibing while I’m baking. Listen, if I’m gonna Sandra Lee something, I’m going all in.

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Ready for the recipe?


Open 1 packet Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate brownie mix.



Lick spatula.




Powdered sugar (you decide how much)

Softened cream cheese (you decide how much)

1-2 tbsp softened butter (why so precise?  because everything is better with 1-2 tbsp of butter)


Place frosting into piping bag.  Go crazy.  Take a photo for Pinterest.  Eat your mistakes.  Take more pics.


So. Good.



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  1. This was just cruel! I want brownies!

  2. Looks amazing!!

  3. Oh my word! delicious! Thank you so much for making me gain 10 virtual pounds, LOL!!! Came hopping over from Evelyn’s Freedom Friday’s Party. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh yum, these look absolutely fabulous!

  5. Oh these are just heavenly looking. So yummy. I just hopped over from The Mommy Club share from Crystal and Co blog. I would LOVE if you would link these up at my first every link party at The Patriotic Pam.
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Y U M !! 🙂

  7. Love the simple and sweet directions. Yum! Great photo, too. Gotta get me some. Now!

  8. I saw you on My Turn For Us weekend party. I really like your blog. I hope you will join me!

  9. These look WONDERFUL! I would love for you to come over and share these on my weekly link up that just went live for the week.

  10. Yeah, I think I’ll take about one big pan of these. Someone wake me when it’s time to do something fun. YUM!!

  11. Renee Spindle says

    Visiting you from the Grand Social. What a yummy treat! I think I need these.

  12. I need a chocolate fix now! Stopping by from todays blog hop. Have a great evening.

  13. You had me at chocolate…. and then add in cream cheese frosting… too perfect! I love that you Sandra Lee’s it too… I am the queen of semi-homemade in my family!

    Thanks for linking up at my Oh HAPPY Day party and for this tempting treat… I wonder if I have any chocolate hidden in the house……

    • The joke in our house is that if I Sandra Lee something, an ill wind must be blowin’! But these were totally worth it.

  14. Barb @ A Life in Balance says

    Licking the spatula is an important step. Who wants to waste brownie batter?

    Thanks for linking up at Fabulously Frugal Thursday! Looking forward to your next post.

  15. Carrie from Carrie This Home says

    This looks delicious and I love your hilarious directions. My favorite part: Lick spatula 🙂
    Stopping by from Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop–thanks for sharing this!

  16. You had me at Chocolate…then you mentioned the Cream. Cheese. Frosting! Is there any thing better than cream cheese frosting? thanks for linking with me 🙂

  17. Hi Mrs. Tucker,

    Your project has been featured. Please come back on Sunday at 5pm (CST)for our Pin It Monday Hop#2. Pinned this to our Pin Board.

  18. Simple and delicious. Works for me!

  19. You’re making me re-think this whole “diet” thing…

  20. OH MY YUMMINESS!! I’ll be right over!! Save me a piece… or 12 😀

  21. Brownies AND cream cheese frosting?! I’m doing a happy dance! Two of my favorites!


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