The Frosted Brownies That Dreams Are Made Of

Frosted brownies that dreams are made of?! Am I exaggerating? Not a chance. Time for your close-up, dreamy brownie: Fun Fact: When OMT! needs a quick dessert to take to ailing friends or to an unexpected party, these are the badboys I bring. Yep, some days require a little one-on-one time with some quality chocolate […]

Double Fudge Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I’m always…ALWAYS!…on the hunt for a new brownie recipe; they are a family favorite. While flipping through my recipe file, I found an old recipe card that had nothing on it except this brownie recipe. There was no attribution. No historic notes. No chocolate smudges. Nothing. I knew by looking at the recipe that I […]

Caramel-Filled Triple Chocolate Brownies With Toasted Pecans

O. M. GOOD GRACIOUS!  LET ME AT ‘EM! Y’all know I love me some unexpected brownies, right?  Today’s brownies are…I mean…these brownies…oh my. I’m gonna give you the pic first, then we’ll work backwards from there.  Ready? Let me ‘splain…. It was Girl’s birthday and we were here and they were there and, well, it […]

Brownie Lurv

Attention All Brownie Lovers: Get your brownie lurv here! I think we all know how I feel about brownies and all things brownie.  To refresh your memories, check it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE  and HERE. Dadgum, that’s a lot of brownie lurv! I was feeling all Valentiney and wondering what might be a fun way […]

What Have I Done?! (with confession)

Husband’s birthday rolled around and I asked him what kind of cake he’d like me to make.  His usual pick is a Manhattan Cheesecake.  This time around, he gave me nothing. ~crickets~ Seriously, if anyone ever asks me what kind of cake I’d like them to bake, you can believe I will THINK OF SOMETHING! […]

OMT’s Toffee Bits Cookie Dough Brownies

I have been in a baking mood in the last few weeks and since I was raised right, I’ll share! When I started out, I thought I’d make a specific brownie recipe, but instead had to adapt because I was short on a few key ingredients. OMT’s Toffee Chip Cookie Dough Brownies are the result: […]

Chocolate. Brownie. Cream. Cheese. Frosting.

Some days nothing but a frosted brownie will do.  Hello, lover… Yep, some days require a little one-on-one time with some quality chocolate and a generous dose of cream cheese frosting.  Hello, darling… The dirty little secret here, is that sometimes I bake from a box and add a splash of my own homemade signature […]