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Colorful Cascarones Signal Easter (and Fiesta) Has Arrived!

Have you ever had a cascarone cracked over your head at Easter or Fiesta?

What’s that? You don’t know what a cascarone is?!

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They look like this (except less blurry…sorry about that):


(source: Amazon)

Product Description:

Cascarones are the ultimate Fiesta and Cinco de Mayo party favor and decoration.

Cascarones are brightly colored confetti-filled eggs. Cascarones may be used to decorate centerpieces, wreaths, or party table tops.  They are also very popular for Easter celebrations.

Although cascarones make great decoration accessories, they are primarily used as party favors and jokes, or gags, as they are cracked over unsuspecting people’s heads. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having cascarone confetti all over your hair and down your shirt!

In San Antonio, especially during Fiesta events, we love to sneak up behind people (could be friends, family, or  complete strangers) and crack the cascarones over their head. (Please be gentle!)

Cascarones are staples of Texas culture. They proliferate right before Easter (most stores have a giant display of them), but they are suitable for any occasion.

We keep them on hand year-round.

While the cracking of a cascarone over someone’s head may seem like a semi-violent act, there’s a technique to soften the blow.

#1: Sneak attacks are best.

#2: Right before you crack the egg upon a head, you start the process with the hand holding the confetti-filled egg. A stronf thumb crunch is usually suffecient.

#3: Finish the cracking upon the head and make sure the confetti exits the egg in a glorious rain of colorful fun.

The cascarones linked are the most reasonable I found online.

Have fun!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.