How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin’

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This OMT how-to is the easiest you’ll ever read here, unless I tell y’all to forget about the recipe and order out.

The first time I made bacon, crispy-crunchy-bacon straight from the oven, I couldn’t stop telling folks about this life-changer (kinda like the life-changing steaming hard boiled eggs post).

Weirdly, I forgot to write a post about it.

I’m here today to remedy that oversight.

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin'

How easy is this method, you might ask.

So. Easy.

You can pop in the bacon while you’re making the rest of breakfast, set the timer and literally walk away.

~ No futzing.

~ No grease-popping spattering mess on the stove top, counters or floor.

~ No nothing, but WINNING at makin’ bacon, then enjoying it without a 30-minute clean-up job afterwards (cause let’s face it…you’re the one who will do that).

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin’


1 pound (or more) bacon


Preheat over to 350°.

Lay bacon strips on a pan that has a lip (so grease doesn’t spill out).

Bake for 15 minutes (give or take a few minutes either way, depending on how crispy you like your pig).

Drain on paper towels.



Dance a little jig, cause you know, you have extra time.

PRO TIP: Cool the rendered bacon grease, then pour into a mason jar (gasp!). Use to grease pan before you make eggs, or french toast, or quesadillas, or…everything. Grease all the pans before you make ALL THE THINGS.

Let’s go through it again, with pics!

Start with bacon:

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin'

Lay it in a pan with a lip:

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin'

Slip into oven, walk away and come back to this:

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin'

This pan was baked for 15 minutes.

How To: Easy No-Spatter Bacon Makin'

This simple little recipe has simplified my life when I make breakfast for a crowd. I can whip up waffles while the bacon is crisping in the oven.

Truly a modern day miracle.

Happy Makin’ Bacon, Y’all!



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  1. Great idea! Saw your post at Grand Social 250. Shared on social media.

  2. Patti, there’s nothing worse than splattering up the stovetop (and whole area around it!) with bacon grease!

  3. Ugh…I hate it so much!.


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