Dark. Chocolate. Pretzel. Crisps.

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Dark. Chocolate. Pretzel. Crisps.

~mic drop~

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Dark. Chocolate. Pretzel. Crisps.

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Y’all. These. This. Yum. To infinity and beyond. No lie. No hyperbole. Addictive. I need help. Can’t stop eating.

^…just look at that silliness. LOOK AT IT! That’s what eating these dark chocolate-covered pretzel crisps have done to me; they’ve stolen my wordy mojo because all I can focus on is throwing more down my piehole. GIMME-GIMME-GIMME!

Yes. YES!!! They are that good (also, Garry-approved).

NOTE: I am not a fan of plain thin pretzel crisps as a snack, they’re a bit blah to me, but Garry convinced me to get a bag of the chocolate-covered ones to try. If you’re like me and can’t imagine that they’d be much better dipped in chocolate, you’d be mistaken. Don’t be a Patti! Be a Garry!

I know that you can find these in your local grocery store, but on the off-chance you can’t, I’m linking. I can’t have y’all missing out on the deep soul-touching deliciousness that are these pretzel crisps.

And yes, a two pack (the seller advises you will get two 16 ounce bags, not two 20 ouncers). You’re gonna want one bag to stash. Somewhere safe. In your super secret hidey hole that no one else knows about. Trust me.

The combo of the crispy salty pretzels combined with the generous chocolate is eye-rolling snackage.

Right now the package is in the pantry, but I’m thinking that once the warmer weather gets here, I’m gonna store them in the fridge for that cold chocolate crunch. There won’t be the threat of them going stale, as they don’t last very long…cause…you know…all that throwing ’em in our piehole action.

What are you waiting for? Go! Buy! Eat!

Happy Shopping/Eating, my babies!




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  1. We tried these at a birthday party this past weekend and I can attest, they are super-tasty!

  2. Oh heavens afraid to start on these. I am type 2 diabetic.

  3. These look dangerous! I already think these pretzel chips are AMAZING, now they’ve gone and done it!

  4. I’m pretty much addicted to these! Have you tried dark chocolate Snappers? They have caramel and sea salt, too! Yum!

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