DSLR’d Take Two

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This Canon EOS 6D DSLR beauty still rules my heart:

Learning my way around my DSLR

If you missed the first post on my camera adventures, you can read it HERE. So many dreams of what was to come; so much life intervening. Or as the saying goes: Men make plans and God laughs.

Today, that changed. My health is GOOD. (As Madea would say: Halleluriah!) My mind is loosened from the grip of forgetful chemo brain. My heart and soul and spirit are willing to get back on the better-photos-for-2016 horse. Wanna come along? I know you do!

We all could use a refresher, right?

I have been taking pictures and have been a quasi-student of photography since my late 20s (film, not digital, yo), yet coming out of cancer treatments, I found myself struggling to recall basic photography techniques. What’s a memory-challenged photog to do?

For one, I ordered this simple book to help jog my memory of the basic techniques (and did a post on it in February).

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Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People

(source: Amazon)

I worked my way through the book easily and as a back-up, I keep it handy when taking photos. Composition has never been my bugaboo, but there is great info available if it’s yours. The book is easy to read and understand.

If you are resolved this year to take your camera out of the auto setting and learn the ins and outs of basic photography, I say we do this thang together. I’m not a pro or an expert by any means, but we’ll move forward in our mad skilz together.

You can follow along on my facebook page, Pinterest (under “Camera and Photography Learnin’)  Instagram or Twitter where I’ll invite you to post your pics. Or subscribe via my RSS feed to never miss a post.

I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year.

Who’s in?



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  1. So great that you can tackle this now! Your food pics are already so nice – bet you will love it!

  2. awesome! it’s a amazing what a great camera can do! i have a canon 60d

  3. I’ve always been a nikon girl (I blame my “old soul” for the brand love) but DSLR’s are AMAZING and can so take your already good photography to the next level and make it great!

  4. I just recently received a new DSLR for Christmas, and even though I have lot’s too learn, I LOVE it!


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