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canon eos 6d camera body

DSLR’d Take Two

This Canon EOS 6D DSLR beauty still rules my heart: If you missed the first post on my camera adventures, you can read it HERE. So many dreams of what was to come; so much life intervening. Or as the saying goes: Men make plans and God laughs. Today, that changed. My health is GOOD. …

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Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People

Photography Halps!

When I bought my baby, my fancy-pants DSLR, I renewed my love of all things photography. As one who is self-taught from back in the day (with film!) (actual film) (you know, the kind that needs developing) (the expense was intense) (oy), I can stand a refresher and what better way to do that than …

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Photography: Composing the Shot

Shoot I Do: FARTing

Welcome back to the Shoot I Do series! Um, what?  Did she use the word farting in her tittle?  Does it mean what I think it means?  What am I still doing here?! Yes. Probably not. Because you want, nay, MUST, know what craziness is happening in OMT’s brain!  (last time I left you guys, …

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Make a Collapsible Photography Lightbox

How To Make A Simple and Inexpensive Collapsible Photography Lightbox

New fancy-pants camera.  Check. New fancy-pants lens. Check. New fancy-pants collapsible photography lightbox.  NEVAH!  OK, maybe not never ever, but certainly not right now.  Especially since I can whiz-bang that thing together in just over an hour. For those of you following the Shoot I Do series, the next one is coming, but I thought …

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Learning my way around my DSLR.


Oh, mah babies.  What have I done? I’ll tell you what I’ve done…I’ve bought my very first fancy-pants DSLR. DSLR: digital single-lens reflex camera.  Not: “digital satellite laser radio” as a non-camera-geek friend guessed. I see you thinking, “A DSLR…big deal…those have been around for years.”  Yes, yes they have. But, OMT is old-school, baby.  …

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