foodgawker: Is It Still Worth The Effort?

What the heck is foodgawker and is it still worth the effort? Most every online foodie, almost every food blogger with a site, knows the highs and lows of submitting their work to foodgawker. From their site: foodgawker is an online platform that enables its users to search and share recipes, techniques, and ingredients with […]

Have You Played with a Unique Pancake Today?

Mmmm, pancakes. I do love ’em. Especially when they be my new Canon lens! ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much appreciated!~ Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM – Fixed (source: […]

Why THIS is My Favorite Autofocus Zoom Lens

  I’ve talked about my love affair with my gorgeous Canon EOS 6D before – we’re still together and as in love as ever. Today, I’m adding to our story by telling you about my absolute favorite autofocus zoom lens: Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2. Look at this beauty! (Source: AMAZON) Oh, my – my heart […]

Photography For Beginners: Composition and The Rule of Thirds

If you’re new here, this is a reminder that we’re working through Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs (< NOT sponsored) with our DSLRs. I’m happy you’re here to join the fun! Today we’re going to explore composition. If you’re wondering why we aren’t going right to the DSLR controls, it’s because […]

DSLR’d Take Two

This Canon EOS 6D DSLR beauty still rules my heart: If you missed the first post on my camera adventures, you can read it HERE. So many dreams of what was to come; so much life intervening. Or as the saying goes: Men make plans and God laughs. Today, that changed. My health is GOOD. […]

Photography Halps!

When I bought my baby, my fancy-pants DSLR, I renewed my love of all things photography. As one who is self-taught from back in the day (with film!) (actual film) (you know, the kind that needs developing) (the expense was intense) (oy), I can stand a refresher and what better way to do that than […]

Um, Yeah…That’s What We Did (not even close)

Taking dem cutesy baby pics of your kiddos and grandkiddos can be a frustrating experience, no?  YES! While this may be one of my shortest posts to date, it will be one that helps you learn some mad baby-taking photo skilz, yo. (Yes, I am aware I am the biggest doof when I write this […]

Shoot I Do: FARTing

Welcome back to the Shoot I Do series! Um, what?  Did she use the word farting in her tittle?  Does it mean what I think it means?  What am I still doing here?! Yes. Probably not. Because you want, nay, MUST, know what craziness is happening in OMT’s brain!  (last time I left you guys, […]

How To Make A Simple and Inexpensive Collapsible Photography Lightbox

New fancy-pants camera.  Check. New fancy-pants lens. Check. New fancy-pants collapsible photography lightbox.  NEVAH!  OK, maybe not never ever, but certainly not right now.  Especially since I can whiz-bang that thing together in just over an hour. For those of you following the Shoot I Do series, the next one is coming, but I thought […]


Oh, mah babies.  What have I done? I’ll tell you what I’ve done…I’ve bought my very first fancy-pants DSLR. DSLR: digital single-lens reflex camera.  Not: “digital satellite laser radio” as a non-camera-geek friend guessed. I see you thinking, “A DSLR…big deal…those have been around for years.”  Yes, yes they have. But, OMT is old-school, baby.  […]