Easy Peasy Customizable Cheese Ball

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Who doesn’t love a delicious cheese ball (other than the lactose intolerant)?

They are ridiculously easy to make, as well as more economical and tasty than store-bought.

Not to mention, but I will anyway, almost effortless to customize to individual tastes.

Ready to be a cheese ball-making SUPER STAR?!

How does this look?

Easy Peasy Customizable Cheese Ball

Take a look inside:

Easy Peasy Customizable Cheese Ball

Here’s what I love about this recipe: if you don’t like a certain ingredient, leave it out or substitute it for something you love.

It’s. That. Easy.

Pecans not your nut?  How about pistachios or walnuts?

Hate nuts?  Go neekid or roll in shredded cheese.

Not a fan of green onions or jalapenos?  Omit.  We won’t tell.  Or judge.

This recipe is all about finding what floats your boat and serving it on a plate for all to eat.

Find what works for you and make it your signature appetizer.

Yes, that’s allowed and encouraged here.

One more thing.  This is a great intro recipe for the kiddos.  Lots of mixing and getting hands dirty make it a fun holiday activity/tradition.

Since it’s customizable, ask them what they’d prefer and serve it at the kiddie table.

BAM!  Instant chefs!

Easy Peasy Customizable Cheese Ball


3 pkgs 8 oz. softened cream cheese

8 ounces (or one package) thin sliced deli-ham, chopped

1 cup shredded cheese, cheddar or mozzarella OPTIONAL

5 green onions, chopped OPTIONAL

3 jalapenos, seeded and chopped (chopped w/seeds for fiery version) OPTIONAL

2 cups chopped nuts OPTIONAL

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. smoked paprika


Thoroughly stir together cream cheese and spices.

Mix in meat, green onions, jalapenos and cheese.

Form into ball and roll in nuts.

Cover and refrigerate to firm up.

Serve with cracker or crudites.


* Instead of adding the shredded cheese to the mixture, you can roll the ball it instead of nuts.

* Use all ingredients, including nuts, in the mixture, then roll in smoked paprika.

* If making with kids, divide the cream cheese in half and make two smaller balls for them, each with different ingredients.

So Easy!

Who is making one for their holiday party table…or just a weekend snack…or a thank you for a special neighbor…or…?


Tired of searching for a popular OMT! recipe?

Rest yer weary fingers.

Except to click on the image.

You still have enough strength for that.



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  1. Good Morning from the Grand Social, Patti! I was *just* thinking that I needed to scout around and find a good recipe for a cheese ball, and then, POOF, you appeared with one! Great timing, and it sounds like exactly what I was looking for. I love all the “optionals”….i’m goin’ for the de-lux, fully loaded version! 😀

    • BAM! I love when that happens. I’ve made this one so many ways, but I am LOVING the addition of smoky paprika. There’s a teeny tiny piece left in the fridge, and I think, if Husband hasn’t already eaten it, I’m having it for lunch!

  2. I adore recipes that are customizable! Thanks for this. Pinning now to use at our annual New Year’s Day party.

  3. Look wonderful and you are making me hungry here! ::)

  4. I seriously want some of this right now. {drooling} 🙂

  5. Yum! This looks delicious and easy. We’d roll in cheese, I think, as there are many nut-haters in my family (not me, though!). Nuts, right? Thank you for this.

  6. This sounds wonderful! I love how you can vary it to taste!

  7. This looks so yummy! Now only if I had a party coming up soon! 🙂 Pinning for later!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Um, I’ve made THREE in the last month and only took one of those to Thanksgiving…you don’t need a party. They are the party!

  8. This sounds so good! This is one of my favorite party appetizers and I haven’t made one in the longest time! I think I need to bring it back this holiday season!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! 🙂

  9. Also great with chopped jalapenos, if you like it hot. Mrs. Tucker is not fond of it this way, but it’s delicious.

  10. Yum, thanks for sharing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. I was given a Recipe for Cheese Balls back in 1982. It called for: Port Wine Cheese, Not shredded cheese, or mozzarella OPTIONAL.
    No jalapenos, seeded and chopped (chopped w/seeds for fiery version) OPTIONAL. ( SORRY )
    Where do you find the smoked paprika? I never heard of it before.I would like to try it…
    As long as I leave out the shredded cheese, & mozzarella as well as the jalapenos,the rest of the Recipe will be AWESOME !!!
    Sorry about the Complaints.

    • Smoked paprika is gaining in popularity. I got my HUGE container at Costco, but I think most grocery stores carry it. And no worries on the complaints…just customize that badboy to your liking!

  12. Debbie @ http://kidsbibledebjackson.blogspot.com/ says

    This a great recipe! Pinned it! Thanks for sharing at Ducks in a row!

  13. This looks fabulous! Perfect for a holiday party 🙂

  14. Yum! I’ve been looking for something new for holiday parties this year – love this idea! Pinning for later.

    Popping over from The Weekly Creative.

  15. Your cheese ball looks so good. TFS it at crafts a la mode party. Julie at Julie’s Lifestyle

  16. Who doesn’t love a good cheese ball! Would love for you to link this to Friday Favorites at imnotatrophywife.com!

  17. Great Cheeseball Recipe. Thank you so much for sharing with Adorned From Above’s Link Party. We love having your join the fun.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

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