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How to Heat To Your World

I am about as cold-natured as anyone I know.

As a Texan, the joke is that when the temps drop below 70°, we need our jackets (I ain’t even exaggerating).

Who-Boy, dats cold weather, right there!

Note to my Northern Friends: Go ahead and yuk it up. I’ll take my turn in the summer when you tell me yer melting when the temps are in a most agreeable 90° range.

So, if I shiver hard enough to make butter from cream when the temps fall below 70°, how the heckio am I gonna stay warm December through February?


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With this badbay: Bionaire Ceramic Mini Tower Heater


(source: AMAZON)

Y’all. This mini heater tower has kept me warm and toasty for two years now.

It’s a hardworking heater that keeps me whine-free (mostly) in the cold months.

When the temps drop – on it goes.

I have it right next to me in my office, ever ready to be put to good use.

First thing on a cool morning, I turn it on and thank God I was born in the era of electricity.

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Heck – It’s on right now as I write this post.

My toes are toasty, as is ever’thang else. It works like a heat-producing cabana boy.

PRAISE JESUS! and pass the umbrelly dranks!


~ Heats up a room quickly and efficiently

~ Quiet heat or fan setting for year-round use

~ Lightweight design and carrying handle for portability

~ Auto safety shut-off

~ Easy-read LCD display


~ Bionaire BCH9212-U Ceramic Mini Tower Heater features an elongated heating element which heats up a room quickly and efficiently.

~ Quiet heat or fan only setting for year round, continuous use.

~ Oscillation features evenly distributes heat throughout the room.

~ Lightweight design and integrated carry handle gives you the ability to direct heat where you need it most.

~ Built in safety features.

~ Two heat settings with digital thermostat and easy-read LCD display.

~ Fully functional remote control.

~ Eco smart for up to $208 per year in energy savings.

~ Painted accents.

This Thanksgiving, when Boy, Girl and Sweet E were here, we had a cold snap.

Even with the house heater running, there were cold pockets, so I brought my heater from my office and turned it on in the living room.

Turns out, Girl loved it!

I totally get it.

There is nothing better than being snuggled in to watch a movie and having constant warn air swirling around you.


The oscillation feature allows for the warm air to circulate and not become a heaviness in one spot.

Also? If yer snug under the covers and you’re warm enough or need a bt more warmth, the remote control lets you handle the change without getting up to change the settings.


As The German would say: Spoiled Americans!

Can’t say she’s wrong – but we be warm, too!

Mine is set on top of the carpet in my room and I’ve never had an issue with it getting too hot on the exterior.

It should be noted that I run the heater in the 80° at times.

I told you – so cold-natured!

One of the great things for me is that this small heater warms my entire office (Garry will tell you I keep it too warm for his liking).

By keeping me warm in the main room I’m in all day, I can keep the main house thermometer lower, thus, THUS!, saving on our heating bills throughout the cold months.

No sense in heating the entire house to summer temps!

Gimme a cup of steaming hot coffee and my tower heater and I can work all day long with no complaints.

Fine. Pie would be nice too. That’s my one complaint.

To Recap: I’m in love with my tower heater. I mean just look at this beauty.


(source: AMAZON)

If you have been searching for a dependable and worthy tower heater – this one may be the answer (so many great reviews on Amazon).

One last thing: the heater is easy to store when not in use. Its rectangular shape makes it perfect to fit in a smaller space.

I simply wrap the cord around the base and keep at the bottom of a closet, tucked away until needed.

If you’ve been looking for a tower heater, I hope this review helped.

I love mine.

Don’t know if that came across.


Go get one for yerself!

Happy Shopping, mah babies.


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Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Honey chile, folks here in south Florida would laugh at you if you had one of these in your home! It is indeed a snazzy-looking heater though. Have yourself a delightfully warm Christmas!

Patti Tucker

Thursday 20th of December 2018

Lol - yep. Have a few friends there and I agree!

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