What I’ve Learned: Three Years Later

As a mom of a grown son, I’m aware how fast time slips by, but people, I gotta tell you that I’m stunned three years are behind us since Sweet E entered this world. THREE YEARS! Someone grab a fan, and some sweet tea: the vapors are creepin’ on me! In case you’re new here, […]

“If You Have To Explain It…”

I was born on the Day of the Dead.  If you live in or near a Mexican community, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, then you may have never heard of Dia de Los Muertos. Day of the Dead, or All Soul’s Day in the Catholic community, has been popularized in the […]

Elephant Cake Tutorial

After Boy was born, my sweet M-I-L ceremoniously handed me a folded and well-worn page torn from a women’s magazine.  When I unfolded it, there was an image of a child’s birthday cake in the shape of an elephant.  She told me that she had made the elephant cake for Husband almost from the time […]

Happy Birthday, Boy!

Today is Boy’s birthday.  In a few short weeks he will become a first time dad (making me a first time grandmomma!).  In a few short weeks he’s going to intimately understand the deepest love there is on this planet.  In a few short weeks he’s going to look at me, not as an insane […]