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If you are a DIYer, and who doesn’t dabble in DIY projects these days, you’re gonna want this handy magnetic tool in your go-to bag (hopefully, you already have a magnetic bowl).

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 TEKTON 7601 Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool:

TEKTOM Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

(source: AMAZON)

Product Deets:

Product Description:

TEKTON 7601 Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool features: Chrome Plated Steel Shaft, Gold Plated Pocket Clip, Cap, and Magnet Holder, Black Enamel Coated Housing, Telescopes from 5-3/16 inch to 25 inch, Powerful Magnet can Lift up to 3-Lbs.


TEKTOM Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool


Pick-up power!


(source: AMAZON)

An uber useful gift for your handyish person! Personally, while this is in Garry’s bag o’tricks, whenever I need to snag a metal object from let’s say beneath the fridge, or some other dark and creepy hidey hole I don’t want to stick my hand into, I’ll use this lovely little workhorse. Also works for sewing pins, automotive maintenance and Sweet E amusement.

Oooooo, fun to use and useful!

Happy Shopping, Y’all!


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  1. Retrieves Ferrous Metal Objects up to 3 lb.!!

    Three pounds! That is a very powerful tool. I know you have this posted for crafts but I can see myself using this when I create costumes with metallic elements.

  2. thats such a fun and unique gift idea!!

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