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The Best Remedy and Recovery Dog Cone O’Shame We’ve Ever Used

Poor Dexter had a boo on his leg that he wouldn’t stop licking, so we had to resort to the Cone O’Shame. Booo!

Remedy + Recovery E-Collar

Could he be any sadder?! (Not to worry, we plied him with treats throughout the ordeal.)

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Originally, the vet sent us home with a blue soft-sided cone which was good for a couple of days, until it started to look like a wilted flower. We needed a cone that Dexter could be more comfortable in and the Remedy + Recovery Collar was a perfect fit for our needs:


(source: AMAZON)

Product Deets:

Product Description:

Lightweight plastic half circle with vinyl padded neck for extra comfort. Folds and snaps to form a cone around the animal ‘s neck to prevent it from chewing or licking a sensitive area, bandages, wounds or open sores. Special holes at the neckline allow for attaching to collar to hold the snaps behind the head and allow for total peripheral vision.

Safety Warning

Plastic with padded collar

Fold collar around animal’s head and snap into place. To hold snaps behind head, place E-collar where you want it and tie it to the animals collar with a soft string or cloth, using the special holes near the neckline.

Since Dex doesn’t wear a collar unless he’s out on a walk (he’s chipped), we didn’t tie it to his collar. I found that once the cone was sized for Dexter’s neck, we could easily place and remove it by slipping it over his head. He wasn’t able to slip out of the collar himself, which was a huge plus.

He wore the collar for any part of the day he was unsupervised, which included sleeping. It took a full day for him to get used to wearing the cone, and there was a bit of an adjustment for corners, but overall he tolerated the cone like a champ and it gave us peace of mind. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and best of all, transparent.

Once his leg healed, we unhooked the collar to lay flat, cleaned with a damp cloth, then stored. Easy peasy.

The vet charged us over $30 for the flimsy cone they gave Dex, but this one only ran us about $18 and we’ve already used it twice to great success. Money well spent.

If you have a dog, chances are you’re going to need a Cone O’Shame at some point. You could do way worse than this one.


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Monday 3rd of October 2016

Glad Dexter has healed, and that you were able to find a less-objectionable cone of shame! My dog, Drexel, sends his greetings to Dexter!

Patti Tucker

Monday 3rd of October 2016

He tolerated it well, you know, for the annoyance it was. Hai, Drexal!

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