These Spicy Pretzels Will Make You Fall in Love

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You like snacks, right?

If you like pretzels and a bit of added spice, you’re gonna love these spicy pretzels.

I love telling the story behind these pretzels, because it makes me laugh (cause I was kinda a jackass) and it proves some things aren’t as they seem.

The Story

I had my first spicy pretzel (we refer to them as ‘picy pretzels) when a friend, our beloved Sue, dropped off a birthday package for Garry.

There they sat, in a ribboned-adorned apothecary jar, looking very ordinary, as pretzels are known to do.

Pretzels being pretzels are not exciting.

Not even when wrapped with a bow.

Garry took off the top of the jar and popped a few pretzels in his mouth.


Huh. That was an interesting reaction to ordinary pretzels.

He silently offered me the jar, which I took, and then tossed a few in my mouth, in birthday pretzel solidarity.


These were no ordinary pretzels.


Our snacking world tilted that day.

The seemingly ordinary pretzels held a surprise; they were baked with a delicious and unexpected kick.

What follows is the recipe that is now held in hallowed esteem in our house.


These Spicy Pretzels Will Make You Fall in Love

Spicy Pretzels


1 package mini-pretzels (14-16 ounces)

1 cup canola oil

1 Package dry Ranch Dip mix (or 2 tbsp. if you buy the larger container)

1 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. Cayenne pepper


Measure the oil into a measuring cup and add all ingredients. Whisk together until full mixed.

Place pretzels in a roasting pan that is at least two inches high (for mixing purposes) and pour oil mixture over entire pan. Mix with a spatula until all pretzels are coated.

Place in over heated to 200°.

Cook for two hours, stirring pretzels every 15 minutes to prevent burning.

Cool, prepare a libation and enjoy.


I always double this recipe. Trust.


We eat them; we gift them; we hoard them; we share them.

I like them hot out of the oven.

I like them by a roaring fire with an ice cold beer or a Jack and Coke.

I like them on the hor d’oeuvres holiday table.

I like them in a bowl while watching a Netflix marathon.


And you will too.

Consider this my gift to you.

Get to baking, my babies!

Tired of searching for a popular OMT! recipe?

Rest yer weary fingers.

Except to click on the image.

You still have enough strength for that.



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  1. After reading your unfiltered opinion of Mason jars (Tell us how your REALLY feel about them!), I intend to fix these peppy pretzels and gift them at Christmas in MASON JARS!
    I simply cannot find your homemade vanilla extract recipe mentioned in today’s e-mail. Where is it? Am I holding my mouth wrong or what?


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