Weather Experiments Using Common Household Materials

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Who doesn’t know a child that is fascinated by the whys and hows of weather?  Even I wonder about the mysteries of our complex climates.

If you know a kiddo that’s curious, or you’re looking for something to do with your kids/grandkids that’s not only fun, but expands their grey matter a bit, man, have I got a great book for you.

Bonus: it’s a classic, circa 1990!


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Simple Weather Experiments With Everyday Materials:

Weather Experiments Using Common Household Materials

(source: Amazon)

A few things:

* We homeschooled and used this book from 1st grade all the way through 4th or 5th grade.

* You can start at any chapter.

* Each experiment is easy to set-up and uses common household materials.

* Each experiment follows this format: You need; What to do; What happens; Why.

* The book starts with the simplicity of how the sun warms us and ends with how to build a weather station.

We used this book for years and enjoyed every experiment we tried.  Not only did Boy learn something new, but I did as well.

We made a straw thermometer, an indoor cloud, discovered air has weight, and dissected a hail stone.

When I came across it recently, I immediately thought of the fun Sweet E was going to have as he worked his way through the experiments.


Happy learning!


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  1. I didn’t know you homeschooled! Cool. This book looks wonderful. I wonder if it’s available at the library?

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      We homeschooled all the way thru, back in the day when it was quasi-illegal and the Supreme Court was hearing the case. We lived with a daily threat of being arrested, but DID IT ANYWAY! Texans are like that. This book is great! I hope you can find it.

  2. Classic? Circa 1990? Ouch. I must be getting old. But seriously, it sounds like a great book to track down for the grands. And how about some more posts about home schooling? What made you decide that was the better way to go? Did you actually have any confrontations with “the authorities”? I’d love to read Mrs. Tucker’s account of such an encounter.

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      LOL! Hmmm, I have lots of stories about our homeschooling days that are probably what you’re looking for. ~snort~ It was an adventure of a lifetime.

      When I looked to see when this book was published, it gave me an OLD!, too.

  3. Okay yeah, we’ll be tracking this one down! Perfect for Boy Detective’s upcoming unschooling-homeschooling-DIY summer camp!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Omgosh, you’re (as in YOU) gonna have so much fun!

      • I’m curious to see how well he’s going to do taking responsibility for what he wants to learn. Of course he’s going to have adult help and all that, but we made an agreement with him that he was going to be directing what topics he wanted to explore. We gave it a whirl during Spring Break and it was kind of cool, and kind of “wow, that was a really big project to choose for your first papier mache which you had never done before.”

        • Mrs. Tucker says

          We did that in science when we home schooled. The result is that Boy learned how to use microfiche when he was 9-years-old so he could do an in-depth study of the Titanic. Then his first research paper was on worm holes and time travel. Still makes me smile when I think of it.

          When we honor and support our kiddo’s interests, prepare for the WOW!


  4. Love the suggestion. My children are grown and I have a sprinkle of grandchildren but they’re babes, which isn’t stopping me from starting to collect things here and there to have at my home for when they are older so that I’ve got a stockpile of learning and fun at grandma’s house. I especially love outdoor activities so this is a winner. Thanks!

    • Mrs. Tucker says

      Happy to spread the grandma fun! You sound like me. Since the child has been born, I’m thinkin’, collectin’. I’m ready for Grandmama’s Summer Camp!

  5. My oldest was fascinated by the weather when he was a child. He used to chart the weather every day. Made up a chart and everything! It started as a homeschool project but then he just kept it up! Now as an adult he doesn’t chart it but he still finds it fascinating. He and his wife both love the rain……which I just don’t understand, lol! Thanks for linking up to “Making Your Home Sing Monday!”

  6. Good for you for keeping with the homeschooling (glad you weren’t arrested… good grief!)
    This book would be great for my science-curious just-turned-eight granddaughter! She’s into experiments of all kinds!

  7. Kaye Swain says

    Oh how fun! We homeschooled back in the 80s for several years – now some of my grandkids are homeschooling. The books looks great. I’ll have to save it to Pinterest. Thanks 🙂

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