What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

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I swear I don’t know how this happened, but apparently I’ve become the drop-off for boxes of booze when my neighbors move away.

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

It all started with our beloved elderly neighbors.

Hey, we have some alcohol left in the cabinet. Why don’t you take it.

So, I did. You know, as my last neighborly gesture.

The upshot was their booze collection was a time capsule from the 50s – 80s. I was so in love with this parting gift from them.

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighbor Edition

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he asked me to “check the fridge for the Mason jar of moonshine.”

You. Read. That. Right.

Behold (these pics were taken years ago, so please forgive their quality):

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

Did I mention my neighbors were from the deep South and that he had legit moonshine in his fridge? Consider yourself up to speed.

I kept everything but the moonshine, which I gave to my brother-in-law to put in his fridge at his ranch. Waaaay out of reach and possible blinding effects. While OMT do like a sip of exotic booze, she draws the line at things that can literally make you go blind.

Cut to my next door neighbors filling a moving van with all their stuff to go live with their children. With all their stuff minus a box o’booze they lovingly handed to me.


What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

Let’s break this down.

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

Some Sherry, a German mulled wine and a Texas Moscato. Yum cubed, baby.

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

A port, Tanqueray gin and the surprise of the box: A Sweet Tea wine!

My neighbor has advised me to go easy on the Sweet Tea wine, as a small glass will put me under the table. Huh. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

The ruffian of the gift, Tequila (No. No. No. No one wants to see OMT dancing while wearing a lampshade. Right?!), along with a hard cider and more gin.

What Grandma Drinks: The Neighborhood Edition

These two gave me a suspicious side-eye. Trader Joe’s Chardonnay? Whatevs. A scuffed bottle of Italian liqueur, whose label has seen better days? Both of these offerings are making it hard to want to try them. Anyone other than me, game?

I stored the wine in my wine fridge, put the liqueur in the cabinet and am waiting for you to get over here, so we can start our salute to my generous windfall.

Sure, bring your fav and we’ll add it to the pot.

P.S. When I write about the alkeehols, I always have an unsubriber or two. In case you are one of them, please don’t go! I write about booze satirically and mostly in jest. I swear, I’m not drunk. Yet. DON’T GO!


DISCLAIMER: OMT does not advocate getting upset when someone you love (that’s me!) writes about booze, nor does she advocate boozy behavior. Never. Ever. ~almost never ever~

~If you are amused by this post, or simply wish to use it as a cautionary tale, please share through social media. OMT thanks you!~

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  1. oh man, I can’t drink gin!

  2. Axiesdad aka Bob says

    Those labels (Tanqueray, Gordon’s) bring back some (mostly good) memories.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried Gordon’s. On my list. Boy told me if I’d bring the Tanqueray on my next visit, he’d make me a Tom Collins, which I love. I know this post makes me look like a HUGE drinker, which is why it’s so funny to me. I have a drink about as often as the full moon rolls around.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Sweet Tea wine – sounds amazing. I love Tanqueray though. Sounds like a great collection. 🙂 Found you on GRAND Social.

  4. Sambuca tastes like licorice, and I have heard will kick your butt. I would try the sweet tea wine.

  5. Oooh, the Texas Moscato looks yummy! Nice selection of booze! Glad I found your blog over at freedom Fridays.

  6. I love gin and Tanquerary is a great gin !

  7. Not that there’s anything wrong with boozy behavior. 😮 😀

  8. Pop the cork–I’m coming over for some of that sweet tea wine!

    • It’s my most anticipated bottle!

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