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Why I’m Switching from Plastic Food Storage Containers to Glass

I am making the switch from plastic food storage containers to glass and I’m in love with the Frigoverre Collection.

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Why I'm Switching from Plastic Food Storage Containers to Glass

Look at that lovely green top. It makes me happy every time I open my fridge. So cheery!


(source: Amazon)

Product Deets:

  • Straight from the freezer to the oven (without the lid)
  • Glass container is microwave safe
  • Made of tempered glass, BPA-Free lid
  • Odor proof and stain proof
  • Dishwasher safe

Manufacturer Deets:

The Frigoverre Collection is a wonderful way of preserving and storing your foods. Frigoverre is made with BPA free glass and food safe lids. Clear glass allows you to view contents easily and tight-fitting lids seal in freshness and keeps odors out. Dishwasher-safe.

The tradition of the Bormioli Rocco Glass Company coincides with the very history of glass: the first glassworks was established in Parma in 1825. Bormioli Rocco uses the finest natural resources to create superior glass products. From the finest sand imported from European countries to organic glazes for the colors in the glass, all are brought together in products influenced by exhaustive design research. The results are impeccably beautiful and durable tableware enjoyed in homes around the world.

I own bowls from a few other manufacturers, but these are the easiest to see through, so no guessing as to the contents of each container. Another plus is their stackability. OMT likes a neat and organized fridge.

The reason for my switch? I hate plastic. That’s the #1 reason. I don’t hate plastic because of the health issues that may be associated with transfer of chemicals to food (although, that is a very good reason to switch), I’m simply not a disposable container lovin’ gal.  You won’t catch me using paper plates (unless it’s an emergency…and honestly, I can’t think of a paper plate needing emergency) and I prefer cloth napkins to paper. Disposable makes me twitchy!

Yes, my family and friends have all kinds of fun with this quirk of mine.

If you are considering the switch, below are a few of the containers I own and LOVE!

Happy switching, y’all!


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How Can I Be So In Love?

Wednesday 28th of February 2018

[…] How is possible I can be so in love with glass storage bowls?! […]

Pamela Shank

Monday 11th of April 2016

My daughters and I made the switch gradually to glass over the past few years. I always like the taste of food better from glass than plastic and I feel like the containers get cleaner. These are really pretty that you have from Amazon.

Patti Tucker

Monday 11th of April 2016

I love these containers more each time I use them. So glad I made the switch.


Thursday 7th of April 2016

I've gradually switched from the plastic stuff to the glass snapware ... drives Hubby nuts as he says the glass gets hot when he heats up his food in the microwave ... I'm like no kidding, what do you think the plastic is doing when you heat it up in the microwave? He's just not getting it YET but I"m working on getting rid of ALL the annoying plastic stuff ;-) Need to check out your suggestion as I don't know if the snapware can go in the oven.

Patti Tucker

Friday 8th of April 2016

I love a multi-purpose anything, so these work great for me. And, Hubby is gets hot! Maybe some fun potholders for his tender fingers will help him along!

Elle Spann

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

such good ideas! I'm thinking we need to register for some! elle

Patti Tucker

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

I don't think you'll regret it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.