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You’d Never Make It In The Big Leagues

The title of this post is something Husband said to me after I got the call to head to Boy and Girl’s home to help with Sweet E, but couldn’t because I had caught a cold.

You’d Never Make It In The Big Leagues

Yes, we relate our life to sports stuff around here.  I laughed when he said it, but cringed when I had to tell Boy we’d have to postpone my trip because of the small fever (taking my temp over and over and over with my new techy thermometer) I was experiencing, not to mention the runny nose and coughing.

You’d Never Make It In The Big Leagues

As a player of sports, I felt exactly as you would think one called to the Big Leagues would feel after having trained and perfected their mommy skilz fast ball (one in the same, right?!) for years and years, hoping and dreaming of that auspicious call, only to have to turn down the offer because of stoopid virus injury.

You’d Never Make It In The Big Leagues

Now that I know exactly what my temperature is (how many times can one take their temp? I can hear my mother in my head: IT’S NOT A TOY!), I know I’m on the mend.  I just gotta allow my body the time to bounce back and ease myself into shape.

You’d Never Make It In The Big Leagues

Nonsense, talk I tell ya!  ~spitting on grass and kicking dirt on umps shoes~ I know the call will come again because I. Am. That. Good. I can bunt, I can hit a Grand Slam, I can play short, I got first-base covered, I can throw you out at third, I can catch an overhead ball in the blinding sunlight, I can slide into home…I can do it all.  I am the curve ball, baby.

While I missed the opportunity to go when the first call came, I know there’s gonna be plenty of opportunity to play again.

Then, on to the Grandmama World Series!

~the crowd roars~

Now pass the peanuts.



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Grandma Kc

Friday 1st of March 2013

There is so much Monster Bug going around -- I know that waiting until you are well is killing you but you did the right thing. Get well soon!

Mrs. Tucker

Saturday 2nd of March 2013

I am feeling better. Thanks!