The Best Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

I’m a Southern gal and that means I’m polite (mostly). I will politely (mostly) decline ice in my smoothies, strawberry or otherwise. The best Strawberry Smoothie recipes do not require ice! Ice is reserved for a Coconut Slush, a rainbow snow cone, or as rocks in my whiskey. Ice in a smoothie? Oh, mah dear, […]

5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

Garry and I have been married for over 32 years and we’re honestly happier than ever.  Not that it’s always been easy; anything this valuable doesn’t come without a price.  We’ve earned our marriage battle scars, but more importantly, when faced with the hardness of life, we’ve taken the path of joy and having a […]

You (Durabeam) Light Up My Life

Flashlights are boring.  Or, are they?! Not rhetorical!  An actual question! Allow me: NOT BORING!  As long as you have the right one. ~ A gentle reminder: OMT! uses Amazon referral links. When you do your shopping through the Amazon links on this page, you support the blog at no cost to yourself. It’s much […]

What Have I Done?! (with confession)

Husband’s birthday rolled around and I asked him what kind of cake he’d like me to make.  His usual pick is a Manhattan Cheesecake.  This time around, he gave me nothing. ~crickets~ Seriously, if anyone ever asks me what kind of cake I’d like them to bake, you can believe I will THINK OF SOMETHING! […]

Grandma Has a Life

If you’ve read here, even for a short time, you know of my deep love for my family.  I LURVS THEM! When I’m with any of them, they have my full attention.  I’m all in, making every moment count.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve lived long enough to know that things can […]

(More) What I’ve Learned

I offered my first What I’ve Learned as a grandmama when Sweet E hit six months.  How much more could I have learned in three months?  Plenty. ~ I’m good in a crisis concerning Sweet E, but once I get a green light to cry, I’m all in. Sweet E and DIL were in a […]

“If You Have To Explain It…”

I was born on the Day of the Dead.  If you live in or near a Mexican community, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, then you may have never heard of Dia de Los Muertos. Day of the Dead, or All Soul’s Day in the Catholic community, has been popularized in the […]

What I’ve Learned

I thought it would be fun to look back over the last six months since Sweet E was born and see what I’ve learned (with apologies to Esquire). #1) The human capacity for love doesn’t spring from one well, but many. My absolute love for my own child is so deep and wide that I […]

Say My Name, Say My Name

Last weekend, while passing dat sweet baby between the four of us, we were kidding around and wondering what I’d be called by Sweet E.  Mrs. Tucker seems so, so, so formal.  And silly. I threw out a few more suggestions to eye-rolls and vigorous head shakes. Somehow, the conversation got steered to what Niece #2 […]

Mason Jar Mania Gone Too Far?!

I have taken my fair share of fun-time jabs at the mason jar mania culture.  Pies in a jar.  Cakes in a jar.  Garden in a jar.  Lasagna in a jar.  Texas breeze in a jar.  Jars in a jar.  But now I’m wondering if the culture is jumping the shark with Mason Jar Shot […]