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Suckered by Pinterest

I was suckered by Pinterest…again!

A baker, a trusted baker, said she’d found the perfect white cake recipe; she promised I’d never have to look again.  It was her own recipe, one she had adapted from a well-known source, that she promised she had made much better.  With that kind of hype, and her trusted status to back her up, I copied the recipe off and lip-smacked my way through making a promise a reality.


I will not be using that recipe again.

But…..not all was lost.

I did a little adapting of my own, doncha know.

I took the blah cake and made it my bitch.  (whoa.  language, granny!)

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First, I decided to super-charge the filling, so I used Nestle La Lechera Caramel Sauce:

caramelimage source: Amazon


I live in South Texas and this product is plentiful, but from what I understand it may be a regional item.  You will have to trust me (oh, the irony) that it is worth the $5 that Amazon sells it for if you can’t find it on your grocer’s shelf;  ORDER HERE.  FYI: If I could no longer get this product, I would buy it from Amazon.  Yes, I love it that much.

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#1) Fill my meh cake with caramel:

Suckered By Pinterest


Here’s a quick tutorial ( it’s, um, a ridiculous video…but helpful!):


#2) Frosted my cake with a salted vanilla buttercream frosting (recipe at end of post), chilled for 10 minutes, drizzled with the remaining caramel and then ran my frosting spatula through it to marble.  As the very last step, I sprinkled the top of the cake with a medium grind of sea salt, to offset the caramel sweetness.

Suckered By Pinterest


#3) Took pic after pic after pic to show you the yumminess:

Suckered By Pinterest

And more:

Suckered By Pinterest

Need I say it:

Suckered By Pinterest


Suckered By Pinterest

Promised recipe (I typically use recipes as a guideline, so if you need exact measurements for your frosting, this is not the place to be!):

OMT's Salted Vanilla Buttercream Frosting


  • 1 cup unsalted butter (softened)
  • 5-6 cups sifted confectioners sugar (depending on if you desire a thinner or thicker frosting)
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3-5 tablespoons heavy cream (depending on if you desire a thinner or thicker frosting)
  • 1 can Dolche De Leche (caramel)


  1. Beat butter with a mixer until it reaches a creamy consistency.
  2. Add vanilla and salt and mix well.
  3. Add sugar, on low speed, in 1 cup increments, while alternately adding 1 tablespoon of cream, at a time, as necessary.
  4. Mix until fluffy.
  5. Use approx. 1/2-2/3rds of canned caramel as cake filling.
  6. Frost cake, then refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  7. Once frosting/cake is thoroughly chilled, drizzle remaining caramel over cake and spread in a marbleized pattern.

The cake itself was a disappointment; the salted vanilla frosting, not so much.

Come on, I can’t be the only one sucked in by a beautiful Pinterest photo only to be disappointed with my result.  Gotta story you’d like to share?



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Melissa @ Home on Deranged

Thursday 24th of October 2013

I already suck at baking (or any cooking, for that matter), but you just taught me a very valuable lesson: when I do get around to trying all of these recipes I've pinned, feel free to change it up to suit my tastes. So it's not a total waste of five hours in the kitchen!

Mrs. Tucker

Friday 25th of October 2013

If I follow a recipe exactly, it's unusual. I think most of us know what fits our families enough to change things up when necessary. Glad to help!


Thursday 24th of October 2013

My question is, why did I go to all the trouble of dicing strawberries and cream cheese if that Pinterest-located bread machine recipe was just going to taste like regular bread?

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 24th of October 2013

LOL! W-H-Y???? Welcome to the club. You just figured out the secret handshake.


Thursday 24th of October 2013

I have gotten much more cautious as well, but your cake looks amazing!

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 24th of October 2013

And as we all know (thanks to Billy Crystal on SNL): It's betta to look good than to (poetic license ahead) taste good.


Thursday 24th of October 2013

I SO need a piece of that.

Mrs. Tucker

Thursday 24th of October 2013

I gotta make it again, but this time improve on the cake. (sure, i ate it anyways...)